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Mostly it's random. What happen to me just now. So, it's more like a diary. Hope you can understand my English.


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27 December 2009

kind busy


I kind busy now to prepare for school so, this blog will rest for now

25 December 2009


Gyah!! Christmas Taimu! btw, nothing to said except Happy Holidays and Merry Christmass

I need study for my next exam now

19 December 2009

Rainmeter Skin: Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Ushiromiya Ange

kind boring today, make a chance and make others ange skin rainmeter, i really not like it but just post it
lol, choice with you want, the Red Menu or White Menu:





kidichi vote for this two skin- 45%

15 December 2009

Rainmeter Skin: Spice and Wolf - Gothic Maid Horo

Horo.. the moe inside Spice and Wolf. I not watch this anime but my friend, seraph is her fans. But I saw her moe-ness too. lol kay this rainmeter, i editted again, and I like this skin too no much can said


Kidi Vote for this Skin- 75%

11 December 2009

Rainmeter Skin: Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Ushiromiya Ange

One Day- After asking Hime-sama at his blog. He tell me to do more rainmeter skin. Deady-dono help me too. The characters that people like. [lol] I choose Ange from Umineko coz many fan like her esspecially Shinwa-dono. Making this in a month like sit in hell. [lol] Anyways, I like the image that I use for this skin.
I should make Ange in other version. Which had Bubble Speech.

Kidi Vote for this Skin- 60%

fufufu Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010 - Reverse of Arcadia

while a morning- Kidichi was boring. Nothing to do. Anime still downloading. Then he went to the web. Search Yugioh game and have found a new game for the NDS. On 18 February 2010 [so early]

Arcadia movement and Dark Signer story mode. Kidichi want to use Earthbound Gods and Handless Combo. 

Toki ni , dāku no hikari to kumiawaseru to , mesajega hyōji sa re masu ! shinkuro shōkan , yami ni tān raito , Dāku Endo Doragon [Dark End Dragon]
toki ni , dāku no hikari to kumiawaseru to , mesajega hyōji sa re masu ! shinkuro shōkan , raito wo ondākunesu, Raito Endo Doragon [Light End Dragon]

The Specials
  • The Official software for the 2010 world tournament.
  • A total of 3499+ cards are included to gather, allowing you to play in the latest Dueling Environment.
  • Features a Story Mode like that of the previous game where you can explore the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.
  • Features the handheld debut of Sayer
  • Turbo Duels have evolved from their appearance in the previous game
  • Now, you're able to use Speed World 2, so you can enjoy "Turbo Duels" just like in the animated cartoon.[Kidichi hate Turbo Duel]

I rather choose Block Rose Dragon

05 December 2009

Rainmeter Skin: Umineko no Naku Koro ni [Seven Sisters of Purgatory- Belphegor]

omg, the title is so long!
just nothing to do and get idea to create this skin, just change the message and bubble's color and the image thou! btw, I make a mistake, I should do Lucifer 1st then Belphegor

the Butterfly there, lol, I just want to make 7 [yes! u do it], 7 wonders sisters.. lol

maybe after this, I'll do other sisters, you can make quest to make, if you want to me make the skin, but I cannot said the quality

u can change what she said

04 December 2009

the history Seven Sisters of Purgatory

just taken from /Seven Sisters of Purgatory club

*they are demon representing one of the seven deadly sins that always make human being selfish

from Touhou to Seven Sisters of Purgatory -_-

that the 1st my top image the touhou characters, and change it into Seven Sisters of Purgatory, gawd, they to more in the anime.. even they are devil but they still moe and not really bad, coz they follow what Ange said~
ara2, i like Seven Sisters of Purgatory..

and i still forget their name except Lucifer.. lololol