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Still updating for new layout. Many work need to do now.


Mostly it's random. What happen to me just now. So, it's more like a diary. Hope you can understand my English.


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20 June 2010

水樹奈々 ミュステリオン PV

Oh yes!! New PV from Nana Mizuki, I kind late to post here. (lol) this new PV is too nice and I like Nana there. I want that logo. lol

Still Waiting the new album.. 3 weeks more

Just random Poll in ISML

Like all in anime, the big brother/sister always lose with sister/younger brother.. and it show at ISML.. 1981 and 1301? what the.. why this happen?! maybe Mafuyu is kawaii than Minatsu. After all, we still had next poll. Back to Internet

07 June 2010

Rainmeter Skin: Takane Manaka [Love Plus]

After a while I dead, err.. i mean, this blog.. I manage to do some rainmeter skin!~ She, Tanake Manaka from Love Plus. By the ways, Love Plus is not manga or anime (correct me if I wrong), it is NDS's game.
I still not play it, current download other game, not NDS.

btw, I afraid this game is eroge game but rid tell it not eroge game. So, maybe I will download and play it. Holidays is busy.

I current unlike this skin, first, the hair, ok, it cut like that.. and that is to simple or what? ok. this blog dead again. bye bye.