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31 October 2009

meh desktop!

only i can say is that is my new destop.. just that.. ja ne~

30 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

since in Malaysia [i live and born there] so, i just give picture for Halloween! who celebration Halloween, i just want to say Happy Halloween..

i saw my friend make halloween post [blosgpot] so just do it.. and my /MAL friends too

27 October 2009

watching- Fairy Tail

Title: Fairy Tail
Japanese Title: フェアリーテイル
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen
Rating by Me: 4/5

Fairy Tail become anime! yeah~! the lastest and famous manga from Mashima Hiro.. even i say like that, that not mean i really reader Fairy Tail, lawl.. lazy to lurk and waiting..  but sometimes read them when fighting and comedy part..

the OP and ED, i really not like it.. dunno why.. the producer is Satelight and A-1 Pictures Inc.. Satelight famous with Basquash! and who watch must like them OP.. and A-1 Pictures Inc who famous with Kannagi..

i like the magic effect and BG but the character design is different from what i think, i thought it will be to pretty as Fairy Tail in manga version but not.. kinda frust [lawl]

the character, Lucy as Hirano Aya.. and i really hear Haruhi voice when Lucy speak maybe after recording the voice as Haruhi, she had to voice as Lucy, and that not happen in ep 2.. i like her boy voice.. [lawl].. btw, Natsu, i really shock when heard he voice, i really want/thought he voice Ueki.. but not, he (Natsu) voice by Tetsuya Kakihara also he is Simon voice which character in TTGL, in other side, Erza who voice by Sayaka Ohara, i really dunno about her.. i not watch many anime, so dunno about it.. Gray who voice Yuuichi Nakamura, he really know as Iceman Hotty in Basquash! and Okazaki Tomoya in Clannad, just adding yeah, he also as Ryuuzaki Dinosour who appear in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster and lastly, Happy, the blue cat, she/he is seiyuu by Kugimiya Rie, meh fav seiyuu, she [Rie] famous as 4 wonders Tsundere which, Shana [SnS], Nagi [HnG], Taiga [Toradora] and Louise [ZnT]

kidut tell-
  • the BOLD mean anime that i said/write
  • the ITALIC mean character that i said that not as character in other anime
  • the BOLD and ITALIC mean the seiyuu

25 October 2009

complete- Detective Conan Movie 13: The Raven Chaser

Title: Detective Conan: The Jet Black Chaser
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン漆黒の追跡者(チェイサー)
Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery
Rating by Me: 4/5

after 12th movie, Full Score of Fear, the newest movie Detective Conan was out.. since i lazy to download so, just go town and buy it.. not too much only RM 14.. i thought the Black Organism (BO) already knew that Conan is Shinichi Kudo after Irish tell to them but not.. it seem, Irish had good heart that he not tell to BO [accually Gin does not remember about Shinichi Kudo]

in this anime, there is NO OP but only ED.. the ED titled as Puzzle by Mai Kuraki.. Mai also always become singer in Detective Conan beside Garnet Crow and some others.. I really dunno which studio/producer that make this movie, maybe TMS Entertainment, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, FUNimation Entertainment, but this is my thought...

the animation, just like Detective Conan anime drawing but i saw in this movie, there were weakness, sometimes i saw there bad drawing, maybe that is my illusion..

the characters, all the main characters using their original seiyuu.. but i dunno the others seiyuu but my friend in /MAL/ said:-
"I think DAIGO, vocalist of BRAKERZ and guest seiyuu for this movie, is voicing the boyfriend of the person who died in the case!"
and i will waiting the 14th movie now, and Yu-Gi-Oh! the movie

24 October 2009

watching- Seitokai no Ichizon

Title: Seitokai no Ichizon
Japanese Title: 生徒会の一存
Genre: Comedy, Harem, Parody, School Life, Ecchi
Rating by Me: 5/5 [I wish i can give more than 5]

the parody genre make me like to watch this anime, beside the parody, i also like to watch harem and slice of life/school..  in others side, u must watch many anime for know the parody inside this anime mkay...

the OP is good but less good for me.. [ah~] parodies was alife before the anime begin, the 1st ep using Lucky Star OP.. but ep 2, i still forget to watch it.. or should i say, i had not reason to watch it now..

the animation.. [alright!] it came from Studio DEEN who famous with GetBacker and Fate/Stay Night, so the design, background, the effect, parody is good.. parody must good as the others anime that we knew like Higurashi, Yu-Gi-Oh! and so on [yeah!]

the characters, all the seiyuu main characters is new comer, so i think they so good.. Kurimu Sakurano by Mariko Honda which the president in this anime also the good and loli too.. loli is need in the anime.. Chizuru Akaba by Yuka Saitou is not really new comer, she also becomes seiyuu for Umineko no Naku Koro ni as Lucifer who also the supporting character.. Minatsu Shiina is another candidates for harem in this anime, the seiyuu Misuzu Togashi is really new comer, like her voice.. the KING in this anime is Ken Sugisaki by Takashi Kondo, he [the seiyuu] is not new comer, so they [characters and seiyuu] is very good.. i like her catch phrase, "This is my harem!" [lol] [how can main character said that when he is an anime character? btw, i like the catch phrase]

parody is not mean the mangaka or anime creater not had a idea, that is make different, and this anime is not spin-off or whatever related with Suzimiya Haruhi no Yuutsu mkay

watching- To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Title: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
Japanese Title: とある科学の超電磁砲(レールガン)
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Super Power, 
Rating by Me: 5/5

the spin off To Aru Majutsu no Index as Misaka Mikoto the main character make me or us [TAMnI watcher] want to see her..  in other side, I want to see Touma again, [WHAT!], i dunno why i like the characteristic of him.. but Touma only came to TAKnR as shadow and still I hoping he become the helper..

the OP, [ah~] is the great as it came from Elisa who famous [in my life] with Wonder Wind, 1st OP Hayate no Gotoku season 2.. the animation in this OP is great as JC Staff.. the ED, mkay, i not ED watcher, so nothing to said..

the animation as the greatest like TAMnI, besides that it came from famous studio which JC Staff, JC staff who famous with shojo anime but not this time.. the electric effect is good and the comedical phase also good.. in other side the backgroud is good like TAMnI mkay.. the BMG also good, this is JC Staff, we can produce the good BMG alright..

the characters, the Biri-Biri err.. i mean Misaka is still same in TAMnI.. of couse it came from same seiyuu in TAMnI, Satou Rina.. the sister, Shirai Kuroko is good but she yuri sense make sometimes i fell bad to her.. Ruiko Saten, lawl, I thought only Touma is level 0 but she also too.. the seiyuu is Itou Kanae who famous as main character Shugo Chara, Hinamori Amu.. Kazari Uiharu also the friend Kuroko as the friend Judgement..

anywhat, this is good anime for who like Misaka, just watch it

23 October 2009

watching- Nyan Koi

Title: Nyan Koi!
Japanese Title: にゃんこい!
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rating by Me: 5/5

a cat can talked to us? i mean the main character, Kousaka Junpei.. but in my vision, i will say this anime is harem anime too. the editor like harem anime.

afterall, i thought this anime came from Amano Akira, the mangaka who famous with Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn, but it wrong.. the mistake come when i saw the Kaede eyes, it like *whatever she name as Tsuna like her*

the op is good, the moe when neko-mimi is more moe for me.. hope there is/are men/boys using neko-mimi in the op, as result, the OP i will give 4/5
the ED, i really not like to watch the ED, i is horrible to become who not like to watch ED..

the animation, i like the animation, the character designs, the surrounding, the effect.. the BMG huh? i think i like it, but it cannot fight Needless BMG [stupid me, Needless is action so it different from Nyan Koi!]

This is that i say as effect

The character is good! now i fellen to Kanako Sumiyoshi, ah.. the boy side is make it like her, i not mean her darken face mkay which had rainbow hair but the true face.. alright! our hero, Junpei, how he can get the curse/ability to hear what cat can say but he has allergen to cat.. of couse this is for make the story more interesting.. but the cat, Tama remind me to Nagi cat/tiger, Tama

As result, i still waiting another harem candidates the twins, Kotone Kirishima and Akari Kirishima.. just thinking how they appearence as anime in next ep..

19 October 2009

watching- Needless

Title: Needless
Japanese Title: ニードレス
Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Sci-fi, Super Power
Rating by Me: 5/5
ah.. watching this anime, remind me to TTGL.. this causes their stail animation or drawing. however, i not care about it. watching this anime after PMR making i become liek this anime

the OP is really good, u can get the OP from google.. the ed also good but less good than OP, who like yuri, u can watch the ed too..

sometimes (who watching TTGL) said the character like the character in TTGL, example Blade reminds me of Kamina, Eve reminds me of yuuko, and simon is like cruz/yamada..

however, i only watch 1-2 and not really watch it, only download and watch it next time..
ara, i really dunno how to make my own impression

16 October 2009

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator

Title: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator World Championships 2009
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Card battle
Rating by Me: 4/5

at last, i can play this game after a while download it.. now can play it.. ok.. this game based the famous trading card game [TCG], Yu-Gi-Oh! but this is Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's which the newest TCG in Yu-Gi-Oh! world..

btw, the story is different from anime.. first, ur not Yusei. Yusei is main character in YGO 5D's..
the end also different from anime too

weekness [some of them came from me, sorry]-
  • no many card in there.. who want Earthbound card or Dark Synchro, u cannot use them in this game
  • the character is always repeat, repeat and repeat
  • ur card in hand is base ur luck and stail playing
  • the 3D is weird some times..
  • if u use Jack duel runner, u will see the type/circle is infront when u defeat Jack
  • If the player's character is a girl, many of the other main characters will refer to her as a "he" and Rex Godwin introduces the clones as the player's "brothers" instead of "sisters".
  • When interacting with Elgio, a player may find 'Turbo Duel' instead of 'Tag Duel'. Activating 'Turbo Duel' causes the player and his teammate to tag duel against Elgio and Itokawa.
  • Occasionally part of the character model's hair may turn white unnaturally. In extreme cases, almost all of the hair is white. This is a minor texture glitch and shouldn't harm gameplay.
  • Once all of the Structure Decks have been bought, the only one available will be the 5D's Starter Deck, and the player will not be allowed to buy any others (the 5D's Starter Deck will also have the 'new' symbol above it). Additionally, every time the player leaves the card shop, the game will say that a new pack has been added to the card list, when actually, nothing happens. This does not affect any aspects of gameplay, however.
  • When "Canyon" is in play and you attack a Rock-type monster in Defense Position with a monster that inflicts piercing damage and win, the damage to the opponent is doubled, even though the lore says that damage will only be doubled for the controller of the attacking monster.
  • "Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union"'s effect allows it to equip opponent's monsters as well, making it a really powerfull card.
  • When in the Tournament or playing on-line sometimes, the monster attack sound effects will be swapped with the attack sound effect of the attacked monster. For example, when a monster with a laser sound effect attacks a monster with a sword/slash sound effect, you will hear the sword/slash effect.
  • If an Action Replay is used, if you are attacking a monster which is about to be destroyed due to your monster having more attack points, the last 0 in the difference between attack points appears before all of the other digits.

and i hope another Yu-Gi-Oh! game with earthbound and dark synchro will appear.. so, just let konami and time do it..

NDS emulator

some people want to play NDS but could not.. maybe their parent not give to buy it.. or no money no nds.. so why not download NDS emulator?

NDS emulator, u can use wi-fi connection, cheat also.. download from here.. if you too rich, u also can donate a money to get the newest one..

after download what u need is game.. also it called as roms.. there were many roms websites like:
alright that only can I tell.. see yea!

15 October 2009

Geimu: Touhou Hisoutensoku [12.3]

Title: Touhou Hisoutensoku
Publisher: Tasogare Frontier / Team Shanghai Alice
Genre: Fighting
Rating by Me: 5/5

touhou game is game that i want to play from form 1 but my comp condition make me give up to play it.. after a while asking reppu and hitman, at last i can play this game...

3 new character are introduce Hong Meiling, Cirno and Sanae.. after all this game need SWR which mean Super War Robot.. nah.. not that SWR but Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.. after i finished the Sanae story, i cannot win by using Cirno especially when fight Utsuho Reiuji.. her nuclear attack make me heart attack.. anyways, i not get Sakuya character inside the geimu..

ah.. PMR were over and play more..

all character inside the geimu.. not get sakuya and dunno why..

13 October 2009

atarashi thingy


at last the PMR were ended and as result i redo my blogspot again.. anyways, PMR is examination is for form 3 in Malaysia.. hope i can active this blogspot too

anyways, with new templete and new stail posting[?] alright that all.. thanx