15 October 2009

Geimu: Touhou Hisoutensoku [12.3]

Title: Touhou Hisoutensoku
Publisher: Tasogare Frontier / Team Shanghai Alice
Genre: Fighting
Rating by Me: 5/5

touhou game is game that i want to play from form 1 but my comp condition make me give up to play it.. after a while asking reppu and hitman, at last i can play this game...

3 new character are introduce Hong Meiling, Cirno and Sanae.. after all this game need SWR which mean Super War Robot.. nah.. not that SWR but Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.. after i finished the Sanae story, i cannot win by using Cirno especially when fight Utsuho Reiuji.. her nuclear attack make me heart attack.. anyways, i not get Sakuya character inside the geimu..

ah.. PMR were over and play more..

all character inside the geimu.. not get sakuya and dunno why..