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23 February 2012

Music : Mix Speaker's,Inc - Shining Tale

Tadakuni's Imouto, Mei as Cover CD

The new anime, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou giving surprise to us. The anime get many fans. I'm one of them. Base one this previous entry I'm waiting the full version. The opening theme. And today I get it. Download actually. I'm not so rich. T_T

Beside the full version release, the PV also release too. I almost forget Mix Speaker's, Inc. is visual kei band. So, they will give us weird PV. Yeah, they give us a weird PV. 

Not weird actually. Since the title give us the hint. Tale, and shining. So, pirate is really suitable. Pirates always get tale from other to get a treasure (shining). By the way, that's just my prediction. I still don't read the translated lyric so cannot comment to much.

Beside Shining Tale, the single give us another song too. It's Capsule. The insert song for Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou too. The insert song can be found in episode 3. During summer time. 

I just give the full one. The lyric (base on episode 3) is really something. It's (maybe) for friend or someone that close to you.

Overall, I totally like this single.
So, I just give download link. Feel free to download it

20 February 2012

Facebook Viruses

Another random talk from kidichi

As we know, FaceBook is really good but always cause problem to use too. Why? They can sent spam, virus, rumour like abc. Too easy right? The most of viruses come from video. Porn video easy one. Many people (including me) are like to click something that kind interesting. The result is your wall timeline will be attacked by virus. Video actually.  My twitter too also get virus but not video, it's about ads.

How to solve it? This is too tough. Even I also get it too.

1- Use long password- This is really good one. But the percentage of being hacked is still same. But it'll slow down the hacker(s). And when change your password, make sure you change at other PC. I think if you change at other PC, the virus attack will decrease.

2- Don't click any weird video or link - Easy said right?

3- If you get the virus, don't worry. Ask from others, maybe they can help you.

Sorry for short entry. I always post short entry

18 February 2012

Working to new style

[CAUTION]This is not related with anime, manga, games or etc.[/CAUTION]

Since too much times that I get, I was trying to use new style. New stroke actually. So, before that, I need to see my old stroke. The news one la.

This is my old stroke

Actually my drawing was consist of 2 elements which are simple and laziness. Most of times (point the face) the draw is very cheap. Then after my friend advice to use other stroke, I turn to use other stroke.

Upgrade eyes parts

Since I draw too much simple eyes, I upgrade drawing eyes. And so I;ll stick to new stroke of eyes. But still not good. I try and try more. 

New Stroke

Then I try to use more new stroke. I change the nose part. Although I already change nose and eyes. The hair is still stiff. I need to practice more.

Actually what I want to tell is don;t afraid to change to the new one. Take a challenge and keep working. keke

13 February 2012

Anime : My must list watch

This season is really good. Why? I'm free from school. 24 hours in home. Don't go anyway except for something. 

So, I already think my anime list that I must watch. It's seem the top priority. Just 4 of them. Maybe I'll add more. lol
Here is my list [top 4 anime] :

Black Rock Shooter

I don't like this anime when I watch the OVA or episode one. But in episode 2, I kind attract with this anime. It's about friendship that I hope there's no yuri inside this anime. And the battle scene is really amusing me.

Senki Zensho Symphogear

Another character that voiced by Nana Mizuki. Who is she? Tsubasa ofc. The girl with blue haired. Although I almost hate her but in episode 6, I grow to love her again. I almost drop this anime since their battle while singing. /lol

Blushing Tsubasa <33

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Normal life in boy high school is really different from girl. lol. This anime show what I need. Although I still don't have any friend like all characters in this anime. The opening too amusing. 

Actually the singer of this opening is visual-kei band. 

High School DxD

High School Demon x Demon.. lol. Demon and fanservice. Enough too fill my quota. lol

There are many anime that I like. But this three is my top priority. Maybe all anime is my top priority. I still don't drop any single anime.. keke

11 February 2012

YGOPro : New Version

Pervical told at his blog, that he will release another version of YGOPro. It's seem he very like to do this work. He should get more love. lol. 

YGOPro 0x1021 Percy

Actually YGOPro is auto dueling software. Many duelists want to use auto dueling since if they use manual, noob will win the duel. As you know, noob like to do what they want in duel especially in manual duel. Some of example is cheating, drawing while you can't draw, bashing, don;t ruling and more. 

So, as we know, there was auto dueling software which is Yugioh Online but you need money to buy new card(s). It's same as our reality. But I don't have any bank account or there is no duel pass are sold here. But after YGOPro is introduced, people very like with them. It's free, auto. 

Percival was worked to update the card(s). It's seem he very like with this ADS. For your information, the newest version have 3516 cards. Even we have No.50 Black Corn. If I not mistaken the cards list already reach to Order of Chaos and he still adding new card. I'm waiting Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

Now, you can download it. Just go to pervical's blog. Click here

10 February 2012

SNSD : Sooyoung Birthday

After this post, I want to post more about SNSD's members birthday. Today is Sooyoung's birthday. 

I kind late to submit this entry. Too much work that I create by myself. Now Sooyoung already 22 years old. 
The SooYoung's fans are called as Sooyoungster. Actually nine of them have own fans name. 

For your information, SooYoung is my first SNSD's member that I like. I watch Run Devil Run and saw her with short hair. It's seem that's kind suitable for her. Also, she is the tallest in Girls' Generation although she is a maknae. Btw, she;s the third maknae.

In Run Devil Run

Anyways Happy Birthday Sooyoung~! Get more taller and more eat!

09 February 2012

Anime : Opening

Since I'm too boring now. How about I post about opening. Anime opening. 
CAUTION : Mostly youtube video and I just post what I want.

Anime : Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Kidichi's talk : I like this opening so much. The reason is the singer is Mix Speaker, inc which are Visual Kei band. Please google visual kei for more information. The lyric is so match with nichijou or in English, normal life. But the full version will release the end of February. It's good song so, will take more time. That's always happen to me.

Anime : Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!

Kidichi's talk : Happy Happy Girl. This song is really something. My brain do like this song too much. Although no rock or visual kei but this song kind so happy. Maybe too much loli in this anime. Btw, it's began with fanservice which are 3 loli are sleeping. Then wake up. /lol

Anime : Brave 10

Kidichi's talk : This song is so manly! His voice is really something. I kind like this song. Too much epic battle inside this opening. The full version will release end of month too. =_= 

Anime : Rinne no Lagrange

Kidichi's talk : Somehow this song is really unique. They using instrumental that I can't guess. After all, I already drop this anime after Madoka's attitude is really annoyed me. But after watch the same episode, I re-think about it. So, maru~ Ah, the full already release

Anime : Amagami SS +

Kidich's talk : This is opening for Amagami SS+. This song kind sweet. It's not harem anime. But how you want to with your favourite girl in school. The most important part in this opening that cause people to Check my soul~ part. For your information, the singer, Azusa always have sweet song like this and the tittle for this opening is Check My Soul. This song already release the full version. 

Anime : High School DxD

Kidichi's talk : This opening can cause you to lose many blood. It;s have many fanservice. So, never give under 18 to watch it. /lol The song is really very interesting. The song. SONG. The anime is about demon so everytimes the anime is about demon or darkness, the song must attract the watcher. So, High School DxD is demon anime so must have interesting song. 

Anime : Senki Zenshou Symphogear

Kidichi's talk : The singer is Nana Mizuki. lol. This anime is related to song so much have great opening right? Can't think more. The anime is more get interest. Although the main character have own problem. And did I saw some (future) yuri scene? lol The lyric of this opening is really strong. Good for think about it. 

Anime : Black Rock Shooter

Kidichi's talk : The singer is Miku. Hatsune Miku is vocaloid. This anime is from her song, Black Rock Shooter. Many people want to watch this anime. I still don't have any chance to watch it even I finished download it. The song is still same with the original. 

08 February 2012

Twitter: Change to new template

It's really happen today. This morning.

So, it's seem I got a new template from twitter. I think I kind slow one. If I not mistaken, this template or theme already release a month ago or 2. But I just got it today. lol. 

The theme is really nice. The tweets is now at my right side. Before this it's at my left side. Too much nice thing happen to me now. /lol

06 February 2012

Disappearing of Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku or just can I called her as Miku's video is disappearing. It's seem all video [not all] in youtube is disappear. Why? 

That's same as my video. Most of my video is deleted because I using music that already copyrighted. Yeah, that's wrong actually. /lol

Miku is really famous. You can see her famous in Singer You'd Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies. She beat all K-Pop group like Super Junior and others. Actually this is really good news for Miku's fans. 

After that poll, Miku's video is deleted from youtube. The user(s) report that video was copyrighted. As you know, Crypton Future Media already knew this news. They don't involve in this case. The main reason they create Miku and other vocaloids are too people make own music. 

The Facebook. All user said, K-Pop fags cause this problem. Kamon people. Why so being shallow-minded. Maybe some of random people do it. Don't think K-pop fags cause all Miku's video are deleted. 
I'm at K-Pop side and Miku's side. 

Even some of K-Pop lovers love Miku too. Most of people (mostly here) when you like Korean songs, you will never like Japanese songs. How about we support local songs? 

About Miku's video, if your video is deleted. Counter it. How? Just go here 

p/s : Kidichi is one of Miku fans.

04 February 2012

Hare. Forever you'll be in fans heart

Guilty Crown episode 15 is really something. As you know, Shuu already lost his sister, Gai and now Hare. 

Hare is really caring girl in Guilty Crown. If I not mistaken, she is only female character that have that attitude. Mostly in anime, if some girl like main character, she will be like tsundere. But not Hare. She is really care about Shuu. 

After Yahiro introduced Void Ranking System, Shuu still do not decide that he should use them or not. Then Souta, [really idiot person in this anime] ask to Shuu that they want to train to increase their power. Shuu agreed but these foolish make wrong mistake. They went to hospital to get vaccine. The truth is they want to prove to other rank, that Rank F can be used. /tch

Even Shuu tell them to go back but this foolish disagree. Anti-Bodies attack them cause many students Rank F to die. Souta forced Hare to repair car and so they can escape. The Anti-Bodies saw and shot Hare. Shuu save her. But Shuu is hurt. Then Hare cure Shuu while she still in pain. As the result, she died.

Shuu snapped, and become Dark King. Actually in this problem I saw 3 roots of problem:
1- Shuu : He not decide that he should use Void Ranking System or not. As a leader, he should against them or follow.
2- Souta : Watch the episode and you'll understand
3- Yahiro : Since he introduced Void Ranking System. 

Dark King Shuu

p/s : Dark King Shuu, is another anti-hero character. Rare to see anti-hero character. The most notable anti-hero character is Lelouch from Code Geass.

03 February 2012

Manga : Bleach will enter final arc

Bleach (manga) is one of three manga that have many fans. Other two manga is One Piece and Naruto. 

Bleach already present in the world since August 2001. After 11 years, Kubo Tite announce that Bleach will end. Not so surprise since every manga must end. Although some manga have weird, confusing ending but still they need to be ended. 

As you know, I'm one of Bleach reader. Although I'm reader but I not read is so much. Why? Sometimes I don't feeling well and not read a manga for a week. The reason I read the manga is to find Rukia. That's moment I already fallen to Rukia. Then to other character(s).

Bleach is really attract me since it's involved about Shinigami or rather know as Soul Reaper in English. It's rare for me to read manga about supernatural since I don't like it before. But Bleach force me to read more about it. Eventually I like to read and watch supernatural anime. 

Beside that, the anime too.. keke.. The opening and OST is too supreme. 

One of openings

And as I always hear music especially from anime, Bleach opening never fail from my ears. So, I will just wait new arc and the final arc. /hahaha

Give some present to reader(s)

Thanx to read

p/s : I wonder when and how Detective Conan will end?