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28 October 2010

siwonnnnnnnnnnnnn SNSD

at last after many teaser that we watch, at last we get it..
I would like to present now MV and song from SNSD
Hoot.. lol what, the title is just Hoot but yup, there are totally hoot.. I still not remember their face or name. what a shame. but nevermind, it come already. 1st, I saw James Bond. the korea version. and after that, no bang? or rather I called as shot time. just dance as their pistol. siwonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.. haha.. I need to find the lyric then put the subtitle.. haha

Sooyoung with long hair is more epic one. haha.. wait, which one sooyoung.. nah, nevermind.. here the MV

My Comment is:
SNSD using the most seductive uniform which is black and mini skirt. Black + Red is favourite.
beside that, they also using nurse (or rather just one use nurse uniform). Other that, when I 1st time I hear this song, I tot is come from Nana Mizuki-Maria & Joker. haha..

other that, they form is Silver+Yellow.. kind nice, but not seductive like Black one. after all, this is good MV.
waiting next song.. haha.. I hope Hoot will become other song that they will sing in Japanese after Genie. We had many Japanese fans there. just crossing the finger kay