11 February 2012

YGOPro : New Version

Pervical told at his blog, that he will release another version of YGOPro. It's seem he very like to do this work. He should get more love. lol. 

YGOPro 0x1021 Percy

Actually YGOPro is auto dueling software. Many duelists want to use auto dueling since if they use manual, noob will win the duel. As you know, noob like to do what they want in duel especially in manual duel. Some of example is cheating, drawing while you can't draw, bashing, don;t ruling and more. 

So, as we know, there was auto dueling software which is Yugioh Online but you need money to buy new card(s). It's same as our reality. But I don't have any bank account or there is no duel pass are sold here. But after YGOPro is introduced, people very like with them. It's free, auto. 

Percival was worked to update the card(s). It's seem he very like with this ADS. For your information, the newest version have 3516 cards. Even we have No.50 Black Corn. If I not mistaken the cards list already reach to Order of Chaos and he still adding new card. I'm waiting Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

Now, you can download it. Just go to pervical's blog. Click here