11 May 2012

New Manga : Date a Live (Novel)

Using my holiday to read all new manga is really not bad idea. So, I across a weird manga's tittle, Date a Live (Novel). The artist is Tsunako. I never see his/her art in other manga except Date a Live (Novel). Fyi, this manga is based on light novel. Usually in Japan, they will write light novel, then someone will draw a manga. And at the last it'll be animated. But sometimes, some light novel will be adapted as a drama. 

This manga is really interesting. Just one chapter it already have 46 pages. So really take your time. The only reason I read this manga is their genre, action and fantasy. Although it have the ecchi part. The time setting is future one. The world have new disaster which know as spacequake. What's spacequake? I think it's better you read the manga. 

The main character, Itsuka live alone with his sister, Kotori, that is always happen in manga/anime. You live alone or with your relationship. 

So, at the climax of this chapter, the spacequake occur. Itsuka are worried about his sister go to find her. But what happen is, a spirit appear infront Itsuka. Oh well, that must happen in all manga. 

I'll not telling more about this chapter. Just read it. 

p/s: This manga will be animated