16 May 2012

Manga : Guardian Garden - Mamori Hito no Niwa

A new manga that I just found. This manga is called as Guardian Garden - Mamori Hito no Niwa. What a long title.. This manga is drawn by Ichikawa Ryunosuke. Ichikawa also drew other manga which is Blade Sangokushi.

This manga is really interesting. Although it's almost begin to change into shoujou manga. Shoujou manga always use copic marker, and big/large eyes. This manga is have 33 pages (include credit(s)). So, just take 10-15 minutes to read. The plot is okay for me. The art is masterpiece. What I mean is the art is really good. The mangaka put effort in detailing everything. It's seem this manga have neat point. 

The main character which is girl, Kisaragi. Don't confuse with The World that God only Know's main character, Kisaragi too. Kisaragi is orphan girl. So, she have 2 bodyguards. Like that la.. 

This manga is not normal manga. It's supernatural manga. /lol

So, this manga will be another manga that must read.