06 December 2011

Deck: Dark Mist

This is not a new deck actually. I just found it. Since I like to mix two attribute, I try to mix DARK and WIND. This is kind weird deck that I build. The strategy is so random. Although you will lose with this deck.
I put two strategy in this deck:

1. Avian Lock Down
-Seriously, this strategy is not involved Elemental Hero Avian. By using effect of "Mist Valley Apex Avian" with the effect of "Mist Valley Thunderbird", which Special Summons itself when returned to the hand. Apex Avian is the harder-to-summon monster, but the deck can employ cards such as "Tribute Doll", "Cost Down", or monsters that Special Summon themselves, such as "Genex Ally Birdman" or "Cyber Dragon". You can also Special Summon Apex Avian with cards like "Monster Reborn".

But I don't put tribute doll or cost down. This strategy is just for backup only. This is not main strategy in this deck. 

2. Black Valley

Black Valley Decks combine Mist Valley and Blackwing monsters. The Deck uses "Future Visions", "Royal Oppression", "Anti-Spell Fragrance", and "Dark Simorgh" to force your opponent into a turn by turn lockdown where they cannot Special Summon or Set. Also, any monsters they Normal Summon will be removed from play the turn they are Normal Summoned, thanks to Future Visions. This is reason why I called my deck as Dark Mist. Lol. Since Royal Opression is banned, I don't need it. Just replace with suitable card like Maxx C, Reborn Tengu. 

 I'm preparing this video to show the power of this deck. Although it's not so good but kind fun to use them. Just remember you should have two decks which for fun and for win. Don't demanding for win only.