03 December 2011

SNSD: Mr Taxi

SNSD back with another album which is the third album. This album is same as The Boys but they change the cover. From The Boys cover to Mr Taxi. They use another black uniform. But not so dark like Run Devil Run. Since Run Devil Run music video release to internet, they are known as Black Soshi. But that for Run Devil Run.

For this time, Mr Taxi is the first track. From I know, they will use new custom just like in the cover. I hope we will not see small video just like Mr Taxi Jap one. The tracklist is same like The Boys one.

Anyways, I just want to watch music clip TRICK. This song kind so fun. I like the lyric and music. Addicting with this song. Even do I addict this song, The Boys is still number one. Teddy Riley, you are really have nice and magic touch that can make The Boys win for sixth times.

1. MR. TAXI2. The Boys3. 텔레파시(Telepathy)4. Say yes5. TRICK6. 봄날(How great is your love)7. My J8. OSCAR9. Top Secret10. Lazy Girl(Dolce Far Niente)11. 제자리걸음(Sunflower)12. 비타민(VITAMIN)13. The Boys (English ver.)

All pictures that involved in this post is from soshified