27 December 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

A brand new iPhone. 

People nowadays need new phone. Phone is a status for someone. Most of them like to try and use them. Most of people like to use Galaxy Samsung. I don't want to use them since most of them are too sensitive. But iPhone is not so over sensitive touch-screen. 

And now, it's come with new brand iPhone 4s. A new iPhone. Having flat shape is really amusing. I like flat and box shape. The application is really good. And Digi will give a free iphone. So why I want this iPhone? 

The shape in black and white is really amusing. I don't like round shape. It's kind weird for me. Also, it's not too big for my hand. My hands is small one.

Beside that, I can record video by using iPhone 4s. It's have many things. In HD is must. I can record my family, friends and world.

The camera is also great too. I'll not waste more money to get digital camera. Having camera with phone is more easier for my life. 

iPhone 4s is new brand iPhone. My friend like to compare Samsung Galaxy and iPhone. Then, I'll show iPhone is more good. I more like iPhone since it have many good application. Application that will never waste to use.