22 December 2011

New Malaysia Notes 2012

New Notes 2012

2012 is not about Doomdays but new Malaysia notes. Money notes. I always being noob with notes. Thinking notes is paper notes. 

From my eyes, I saw rainbow notes although they just have six notes. 

Anyways welcome back RM20, I never use them in my life or see them. And good bye RM2 notes, I hope I can see you again in other colour. Btw, did I already save my RM2 from being used again?

Seriously, all old notes need to save in my hand. Collection for future. Maybe.

Btw, I hope this new notes will not so tall since people like to use cute small wallet. 

 Seriously this is last time we'll use you. It's doomdays for you


New cent

I saw the design. I hope people will not said this is one of Illumination idea. You can see at 10 sen's design. We can see Israel's flag design.