08 December 2011

Kidichi In Town

Another random tell from me

After 2 weeks in home without going out with friends, one of my friend asked to go BP Mall. Oh ok. I think I'll go since I don't have any things to do in home. The another reason why I went to BP is for searching Cash Deposit. Seriously, I;m so dummy to think Cash Deposit in the BP Mall. 
Beside that, I can know the price of PSP. At this moment I found the price is just RM500. Good enough, better buy PSP than buy iPhone. 
The bad side is, I just think that I just waste too much money for Arcade. Demn, I'm very stingy. Nevermind, as long I can play bowling with others. I really like to play bowling and always lose. 

Bowling Result. I'm Kidichi forever

Ok, finally bowling was ended. We just play for one frame only. I'm stingy right?
We walked together, 4 in numbers of member. When I walked, I found this *point to the photo :  

Girls' Generation (SNSD) music clip which is Gee. 

I also heard 2NE1's new song too.