02 December 2011

New design everywhere

 [New Look of Youtube]

In a morning, I browse internet. So, I always go to youtube for watch new video. Maybe yugioh or music. But I saw new design this morning. Did I think their design kind like interesting. Or should I said, I does not love it. But after a while browsing youtube, I kind fallen with their design.

In my opinion, I think this new youtube design is kind same with facebook. Or google. Or I just blinded with this design. Seriously, the design is not bad. The base of design is same now which is box/rectangular/square.
That is always designer use to design. Wait, what happen if youtube using circle design main base. fufufu
could not imagine it at all. 

But, I saw some problem. The problem is the video is one per each subscribe. I mean like before design, all new video in one subscribe. So, I need to lurk more and click under video to view more. The favicon also is new. Kind loving to see nice design at all world. But they did good job in designing. I couldn't design like them.

So, another place we need to see is our account. Take a time to see them. Lol.

[New Channel Design]

The thumbnail for video is kind large. I really admit, I really love this channel design. Many new and fresh thing there. We can play our favorite playlist in our channel. Did it same just before design but this kind good to see it. Lol. Easy way to see now. Liking this design. 

Take your time to browse youtube and lurk more~