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30 December 2011

Anime : Black★Rock Shooter

Synopsis : I not found it.

This anime remind me about Black Rock Shooter OVA, It's already released on 24 July 2010. So, last year we get OVA and now we get TV series. This anime is based on Hatsune Miku's song, Black Rock Shooter

This is one of songs that have many fans. Many fans like this song.
Back to anime, the anime will release on 3 Feb 2012. Kind long times to wait. The singer for ending is supercell. Supercell have many superb songs. Although I'm not their fan, but I know some song from them.
So, stay tune and watch the trailer again and again

Trailer 1

29 December 2011

Random : Drawing is serious thing

I'm bored. So let's drawing. And this is the result. My face in. Not really. All I draw is fake except the earphone. lol.

27 December 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

A brand new iPhone. 

People nowadays need new phone. Phone is a status for someone. Most of them like to try and use them. Most of people like to use Galaxy Samsung. I don't want to use them since most of them are too sensitive. But iPhone is not so over sensitive touch-screen. 

And now, it's come with new brand iPhone 4s. A new iPhone. Having flat shape is really amusing. I like flat and box shape. The application is really good. And Digi will give a free iphone. So why I want this iPhone? 

The shape in black and white is really amusing. I don't like round shape. It's kind weird for me. Also, it's not too big for my hand. My hands is small one.

Beside that, I can record video by using iPhone 4s. It's have many things. In HD is must. I can record my family, friends and world.

The camera is also great too. I'll not waste more money to get digital camera. Having camera with phone is more easier for my life. 

iPhone 4s is new brand iPhone. My friend like to compare Samsung Galaxy and iPhone. Then, I'll show iPhone is more good. I more like iPhone since it have many good application. Application that will never waste to use.

Reunion is kind ....

So, I as the student of SMK** have to attend reunion with others today. My first impression to re-union is kind happy. Then after a week before re-union, I feel meh~! So, I go for it today. After all, I get free transport. I'll pay to him. No worry.

The like re-union because I will meet my friends, most of my friend is male. I don't like to meet girl friends. Paranoid? We can eat together as before. Get annoyed and annoying. Feel the youth time!

The dislike thing when re-union is meet with strangers. I;m almost be a good friend with stranger today. Wow kind good improvement since I don't like to meet people. And the plan that not worked. Some plan this and some plan that. Bam! Nicely nothing happen with others. I don't involved with their planing. Just being doll and follow them then show some hatred towards them.

Back to home, download new song.

26 December 2011

3 Tips : Prevent/Remove the paranoid

Paranoid? What's paranoid? Based on wikipedia :

Paranoia [ˌpar.rəˈnoɪ.ə] (adjective: paranoid [ˈpar.rə.noɪd]) is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself. False accusations and the distrust of others also frequently accompany paranoia.
Historically, this characterization was used to describe any delusional state. In modern colloquial use, the term "paranoia" is sometimes misused to describe a phobia[1] The general lack of blame in phobia disorders sharply differentiates the two. In other words, fearing that something bad or harmful might happen does not in itself imply paranoia. Rather, there is an irrational fear of malice by others (excepting rare cases of schizophrenia).

To simply the meaning, paranoid is situation you feel fear without any reason. For example you feel everyone hate you but not. Maybe. Even myself always have this problem. So, after being therapy with my friend, I think I can remove this feeling. How? Let's scroll down.

First and foremost : Think positive. Just think positive. And never over think positive. Just think positive. How much I'll repeat this word?

Second : Pray to God. That's another solution. Paranoid was created by God. Only Him can remove it. 

Third : This is the most expensive one. You need money or not. Go and see a doctor. Only way. Or meet some motivator to build your feeling. 

Don't left paranoid and cause you to be desperation

25 December 2011

Download : Rock Over Japan - Triple H

The original Rock Over Japan by ARB

If you watch anime that called as Mawaru Penguindrum, you must like this song. OST actually. The singer using Rock Over Japan. And fresh with new music Rock Over Japan. The band is Triple - H. The band is formed in the anime. 

I don;t find any Triple H's song in youtube. So, you can hear from the youtube. Sorry

But you can download it. Just mediafire is worked especially in Malaysia.

24 December 2011

Meme can be used in FB chat

Just visit 9gag for fun

Morning guys. In morning, as stalker in facebook I saw very interesting status. It's about meme. Don't meme? Google first. Here you go. I know if you leave this entry. Forever you'll leave this blog. 
The term Internet meme (play /ˈmm/meem)[1] is used to describe a concept that spreads via the Internet.[2] The term is a reference to the concept of memes, although the latter concept refers to a much broader category of cultural information. The earliest known usage of meme is in the book "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins published in 1976. -wikipedia

Understand right? We have many popular meme like troll.jpg. All of them as shown in picture above. Don't know it's true or not? Or just troll? Let's me try it

Here you go

Wanna use them now? Excited? Just copy the code.
[[171108522930776]] Troll
[[164413893600463]] Me gusta
[[218595638164996]] Yaoming face
[[189637151067601]] Lol
[[129627277060203]] Poker Face
[[227644903931785]] Forever Alone
[[100002727365206]] Challenge accepted
[[224812970902314]] Happy Derp
[[192644604154319]] Derpina
[[100002752520227]] OKAY
[[168040846586189]] Feel like a Sir
[[156393821106900]] So much win
[[145768898802324]] FUUUUUUUU
[[106043532814443]] Y U NO
[[227644903931785]] ARE YOU FKING KIDDING ME
[[214457085240151]] NOTHING TO DO HERE
[[FapFapFapFap.B]] Fap Fap Fap
[[142670085793927]] Mother of God
[[170815706323196]] Cereal Guy
[[167359756658519]] NO
[[169919399735055]] NOT BAD
[[105387672833401]] FK YEA.

Warning : Only can be used in FB chat

23 December 2011

Anime List Winter 2011/2012

Winter Anime List 2011/12

2011 is almost end. It's same as December too. So, many new animes will come out too. So, me as fans will choose anime that I'll watch. Seriously, I almost lost interest in Anime. But after went to Comic Fiesta, my feeling about Anime is come back. /glad

I have survey the lists and listed what anime that should I watch. In other word the anime that I cannot missed for episode one. 

Must watch episode one list: 

  • Kyousogiga
  • High School DxD
  • Zero no Tsukaima 
  • Black Rock Shooter
  • Amagami SS+ plus
  • Mouretsu Pirates
  • Inu x Boku ss
  • Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai
  • Senhime Zesshou Symphogear
  • Gokujyo
Let's me tell the reason why I choose this all anime.

Kyousogiga : Because in this anime we have Kugumiya Rie, Kitamura Eri, etc. After all this anime is kind supernatural. I already watch episode one or ova maybe. It's about human and yokai. Beside that, this anime have comedy element. So, must watch.

High School DxD : Maybe this anime is harem one. Since I saw many girls there. This anime is about supernatural too. The main character was killed on first date and he revived as Devil. So, I cannot predict the future in this anime. Interesting this anime is based on light novel. Maybe this anime will show about love between servant and the boss. /lol

Zero no Tsukaima F : F stand for final. Another Kugumiya Rie's voice. Tsundere. Check. Must watch. 

Black Rock Shooter : The tittle was came from Hatsune Miku's song, Black Rock Shooter. This is anime version. I don't know this is new episode or same as before that I already watch. Since it's black, so I will watch. /lol

Amagami SS+ plus : Normal love anime. Maybe same as prequel. This anime is kind good for lonely.  We will see more girl and how to get them. I mean make them as our girlfriend. Hope we can use for real life. /lol

Mouretsu Pirates : Pirates! Remind me about One Piece. But this pirate is not sail on the water but in the space. This anime is based light novel, Mini-Skirt Kaizoku. Since I'm one of the pirate fans I should watch this one too.

Inu x Boku ss : Hmm.. Don't have idea.

Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai : Being 19 years old and you'll be a father. Congratulation. I not mean you already doing that thing. It's about family. The reason you'll become father is your sister and husband is gone. So you must take care their children. Three of them. So, family +comedy must watch.

Senhime Zesshou Symphogear : It;s about war. New weapon already created so must watch.

Gokujyo : Maybe random anime that I choose. Don't said anythings.

The other anime? I'll watch this above is must watch.

22 December 2011

New Malaysia Notes 2012

New Notes 2012

2012 is not about Doomdays but new Malaysia notes. Money notes. I always being noob with notes. Thinking notes is paper notes. 

From my eyes, I saw rainbow notes although they just have six notes. 

Anyways welcome back RM20, I never use them in my life or see them. And good bye RM2 notes, I hope I can see you again in other colour. Btw, did I already save my RM2 from being used again?

Seriously, all old notes need to save in my hand. Collection for future. Maybe.

Btw, I hope this new notes will not so tall since people like to use cute small wallet. 

 Seriously this is last time we'll use you. It's doomdays for you


New cent

I saw the design. I hope people will not said this is one of Illumination idea. You can see at 10 sen's design. We can see Israel's flag design. 

20 December 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011

First time I went CF. Unfortunely I just went during second day. Since it's my first experience, I felt so happy.
And what I buy?

: Hatsune Miku's beg
: Hastune Miku's fanart book
: Kirino's glass

and total is +/- RM100. Seriously, I don't have so much to hang out at CF since I arrived CF at noon.
So, I;m thinking to go CF again next year.

19 December 2011

Hatsune Miku : Official Youtube

It's here. Hatsune Miku now. Hatsune Miku have official youtube account. So, next time I can know new song from Hatsune Miku. Sorry for short entry

39 is Miku. Then click here

17 December 2011

SNSD : Tell your wish = development of brain

SNSD's Genie 

The tittle is kind weird but that is true. As we know Japanese really like to do more research. One of their research is about Genie dance. Genie or Tell Your Wish dance can help development of brain. 

Seriously, even SNSD's members does not know about this fact. Japanese really awesome right? Japanese also like to cosplay what they like. 

SNSD's Genie Dance

Sorry for short entry. Lol. Btw, I'll not update this blog for Sunday.

16 December 2011

Facebook : Keep the world change part 2

The old facebook layout

As we know, or some of we know, facebook already using new layout. It's still not permanent or live until 23 Disember 2011 if I not mistaken again. The new facebook does not use 'wall' anymore but they using 'timeline'. It's sound like twitter since twitter using timeline. Nevermind, with new timeline we can put a cover for the facebook timeline. 

I like this design. More good than before. Since I can put cover that. I don't know your opinion about this design.

New timeline

Hatsune Miku : Google Chrome


In this morning, while surfing the internet, I went to social networking. Mostly social networking that I always visit in each time is twitter and facebook.. So, what's surprise is I saw Hatsune Miku. And the some song (maybe) with Google Chrome. 

For your information, Hatsune Miku is really famous virtual artist. She is one of vocaloids. Surf more about vocaloid. She is really famous among otaku. And she also known as one of The Trinity Goddess. Even many new vocaloids but she still the number one. She also can compete with real artists.

Hatsune Miku

Back to tittle, I'm not surprising about the tittle. Google Chrome is really famous browser. Hatsune Miku also promote NicoNico with her song too. Seriously, if Malaysian artist or singers make this kind of song. Maybe that particular thing will be famous. lol

I think that's all. lol. I'm lacking of idea right now. Sorry

15 December 2011

POST : It's here -Random said-

It's for me!

First time I get it! Yeah. I'm in happy mode right now. So, let's survey what's inside this envelop.

 This is!

This is my friend's comic which is Shootz #4. Who's drawer? It's Reja Mus. He is one of cartoonist at Komik-M. You can find his draws at his blog and facebook. Click here for the blog.

 My name! :3

14 December 2011

3 Tips : Let's carry out some festival

Random picture ok

Now we already at the end of year. So many classes will carry out some jamuan/fete/reception/repast. So, there will be some problem that will be occur when some group one to carry out it. Here my tips since I have experience it. I don't want to tell anymore about it. Let's keep the secret as secret

First : Select the leader
Don't give any reason. We need leader to lead the program. Imagine without leader, the plan will not happen. Maybe

Second : Choose suitable date, place and time
This is really important for all. Sometimes that time we are free but some of our friend maybe have own business right? So it's important to choose the suitable date.
Beside that, choosing suitable place also including. Since some of our friend maybe don't know the place right? We need to talk or discuss about the place too. Cleanness, etc.
Time is need to choose because some of parent (especially for students) don't want their children go outside during night. 

Third : Choose the themes and food
Themes is needed. Even some fete really have weird theme like K-Pop or anime etc. This is for fun actually. I just use black theme since I have many black thingy. 
Food. You can think about it right? The money needed for food. 

Text Book Sore ja

Last day you in my home

Seriously today is really last day for SPM. Even some of our friend already finished early. The most early finish is Science Stream students. That's me!

Finish talk about SPM. Today is my last day with my text books. After a year they help use. Now they go. We just one of  borrowers. Everything that we borrow must be return back. The most favorite text book is Additional Mathematics' text book. Why? Because it's the heavier than others. Also, it's have many knowledge including Mathematics. Even I almost sleep with that text book. Seriously I have bond with them.

Stop talking about that. I'm thinking as I return this book. The condition to return all text book are the books must in good condition and return back as many you borrow it.
So, let's think. Our body. Yeah. Our body. Yes? Then what? Our Body... how many I want to repeat it?

God give us this body right. Not really give. We borrow this body. But why? Oh maybe for curse other friends or human? NOT! Never think that. God give this body for us use it wisely. God want us to worship him. Do the good. Never do the bad things. So, God trust us. Then why you use your body for doing some evil things? Killing each other, etc. 

God does not want our body to be more beautiful or handsome but He want the goodness. Kind heart is the good condition. Same as our text books. Must return it in good condition. /roger

And what I think return is same number is, if God give us not-so beautiful. Don't think or try surgery plastic thingy. Although some people said that's really beautiful but infront the God. That's not. You change what God give to you. I know we can do surgery for good reason. But if you already perfect [human never perfect] then never change it. 

p/s : Sore ja is kind Good Bye in Japanese

13 December 2011

Deviantart : Forbidden Web?

Not really forbidden. 

After SPM, I want to be more artistic. Why? I love Manga, Anime, Games (mostly Visual Novel). And three of them always show a good draw. I really want to create my own comic and get publish. 

Unfortunely, I don't have drawing talent. Oh, maybe I have other talent in other course, who's know right? But most of time manga-ka or cartoonist will spent their time to draw and practice. Since I'm lazy. Yes, I'm lazy, most of time I waste with thinking. Not think about art. Just waste my time. But after SPM, I want to practice my skill. So, many draws (just four for now) that I get. 

Yes, I already sketch. So, I want to do important thing which is inking. But I lose all my drawing pens. At this moment I just found only 0.5 and 0.1. I just use 0.3 only. So, if I don't found it, I'll buy it. Easy solution. 

Anyways, want to see my drawing? Click here

ReMIX it!

The world can be changed

As the listener of songs, I always come across to find alternative version of song. And my result is? Most of alternative version that I found is remix.

Remix is very popular nowadays. Why remix version is created? There are several reason :

  • to give a song a second chance at radio and club play
  • to create a stereo or surround sound version of a song where none was previously available
  • to improve the fidelity of an older song for which the original master recording has been lost or degraded
  • to alter a song to suit a specific music genre or radio format
  • to alter a song for artistic purposes
  • to provide additional versions of a song for use as bonus tracks or for a B-side, for example, in times when a CD single might carry a total of 4 tracks
  • to create a connection between a smaller artist and a more successful one

So, I'm like remix song. Although some of songs does not suit with my taste. Lol. Even Malay song too have it's own remix. Some are created by normal people that not involve in music industry. 

By the way, you can make own Remix version. Just find it. I want to make remix version. I hope I can make it. Using what? From my research there are many remix software. For the example is FL Studio 10. Maybe I'll take some time to download and do some remix. I hope I can while I still free right now. Who knows one day I'll be Remix-er for some music company. Lol. Interesting hope.

One example remix from SNSD that I like

12 December 2011

Important Notice from ShoutMix

Guess I'll find solution then.

Surprising. That's only I can said about important notice from ShoutMix. Seriouslu, I don't know what happen until I read my friend blog. It's talk about ShoutMix. In that blog I try to find any notice at my blog. At that moment I said, I hope I will not get any important notice. But,

Well, I also get it too.

ShoutMix will stop the free service. This is not too surprise. Since this are business, they need money too. 

What do you feel if all people using your service but never paid any single money to me? Maybe you will feel sad or despair right? Don't blame they. They already give use free service for years. 

The important notice. Seriously this is really important.

Now you have two choices that internet give to us. First, if you really want to use ShoutMix then pay it. The cheapest price is just $0.99. That is dollar unit. Then if in Ringgit Malaysia, the price is just RM 3.12. Want to pay it? You can. But I cannot pay it. I don't have any money. 

So, let's go to second solution which is use another Chat Box which is Cbox. I already have it and already install them. I already use them since 2009. So, sorry if you read some weird message. Truly, sorry.
Where to get CBox? Easy said. Go to google and search it. Hahaha. I'll give the link. No worry, this is not joke. CBox want? Click Here

Although CBox is not fun as ShoutMix. It's still free. Pray now. Hope CBox will be free.

Chat with me now at Second Chat Box. 

Touchscreen vs Not-touchscreen phone

Nokia is good example

Since we already in year 2011, there was a good touchscreen phone which are Samsung and iPhone. Both Samsung and iPhone are really famous. Even some of my friend said that Nokia's era already end. I don't want to talk about both Samsung and iPhone. I don't have any touchscreen phone. I just use from my friend only. They are too kind to me. 

Forget that introduction. I want to talk about touchscreen phone and not-touchscreen phone. Both have benefits and also side effect. 

Since I'm still using not-touchscreen phone, I'll talk about it first. 
The benefit of using this type of phone is you can use your phone with one hand. Also this type of phone always increase the incident rate. For amateur, they will using both hands right? After awhile (it's take longer times if they don't message anyone) they can message anyone by using one hand. Don't forget, they can type without watch the keypad. This is good. 
While using touchscreen phone, you still need to use both hands. One for hold, one for typing. It's take more longer time than not-touchscreen phone. Why? Simple to said, how many times you use not-touchscreen phone than using touchscreen phone? 
Also most of time, for amateur, you'll have problem which is typo. You will type number instead.  

Eventually, using touchscreen phone is more good for gamer(s). Some touchscreen phone is really supreme to I said about it. You can play Angry Bird with touchscreen phone. Although you can play by using not-touchscreen phone but the experience is different. 

Another benefits is the most cheapest touchscreen phone is Samsung Corby. The price is RM 2++ only. My Nokia Express Music 5130 have higher price than Corby. Corby have wifi while my Express Music don't have it. 

Both price is almost same. 
But Corby have wifi while Express Music don't have it.
That's huge differences.

So, just use what phone that you have right now. Don't demanding for have a smartphone too much if you don't have too much money. I'm sorry because type with my poor English.

10 December 2011

Hatsune Miku - Lunar Rider

As for Lunar Eclipse today. Special for Lunar Eclipse. I will give vocaloid's song that related to Lunar. The vocaloid already mention in the tittle. Here we good.

This is song is kind warm. I really like this type of song. Although I'm really like dark-theme song but this is ok. I need to balance dark and light inside my body.

Introduction from me is boring. Same as me too.

p/s : This is just old song.

Take your time to hear this song. And feel fresh to download it.

Lunar Eclipse

As we know, today is really special day, since we will see bloody moon. Bloody moon is name that I give. It's not official, never use them. I;m really excited to see my first Lunar Eclipse. It's sound I just get born and know the truth of the world.

But seriously, I really like astronomy. The reason is space is dark and yet there is a light. A random reason from me. lol.

Forget about it. This content is same like my previous entry. It's same but different in reading. *what's this mean?*

lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes behind the Earth so that the Earth blocks the Sun's rays from striking the Moon. Easy using diagram for more understand it.

Easy to understand right?

I just write what is happen to me only. Sorry if you couldn't understand what I gonna write.

At 8 PM, the sky is not so clear. It's seem the clouds is block the moon. I think the moon is too shy right now. The clouds is just want to protect moon from being seen. There is no star too. I think Moon is alone at that moment. That's why clouds try to help moon. Seriously, this could not be happen in space. I'm think since I'm watcher on the Earth.

At 9 PM, the sky is clear. I saw too much stars. Star Driver? I saw the moon is had been eaten bit by bit. 
Then at 9.14 PM, the moon already half. I could not see the fading of moon. Blurry eyes.

Then suddenly, my friends come to my house. Don't know the reason. Since I not said about eclipse to them. Maybe just to kill their time. lol

At 10.05 PM or somethings, the moon already red. Bloody Moon is appear. I hope I can show an image to you but don't have any camera except phone. OTL

That's all. thanx for reading. I'm sorry due to my poor english.

Gerhana Bulan

At this moment (10.41 PM) the moon is still in red. Bloody moon now. I'm called like that. Sorry.
Also, I'll use Malay

Easy diagram. Easy to understand it.

Seperti yang diketahui ramai (atau ramai yang tak ambil tau) bahawa hari ini -10 Disember 2011 - adalah tarikh bermakna bagi peminat angkasa. Macam teruk sangat bahasa aku. Tidak kisah la. Aku amat tunggu hari ini kerana gerhana bulan berlaku pada hari ini. Bukan aku ni fanatik dengan angkasa atau bulan tapi jarang kita dapat lihat kuasa Tuhan. Walaupun di depan mata kita dah ditunjukkan kuasaNya.

Mari kita tengok apa yang aku lihat. Pada pukul 8 malam aku dah keluar nak tengok bulan punya pasal. Tapi bulan ditutupi awan. Kira mendung la. 

Tapi pada jam 9 malam, langit menjadi cerah. Awan tiada. Dapat la tengok bintang-bintang sekali. 

Enjin pencarian : Google

Pada jam 9.14 PM, bulan dah mula kena "telan" sedikit demi sedikit. Di saat aku melihat, kawan aku datang. Tujuan kehadiran mereka aku pun tak tahu. Lupakan. 

Pada jam 10.05 PM (aku tak pasti sebab sibuk berbual dengan kawan), bulan dah jadi merah. Selama setengah jam juga bulan masih lagi merah. 

Tamat. Serius, cerita aku mesti boring.


Post-SPM story

Random picture is random

After SPM, I feel like in heaven. Heaven mean for me is I'm free from study. After two years studying, I'm free from SPM. That's only for a few day after SPM. After a week, I'm feel so bored.

Seriously, it's too bored.

Why it's so boring? The main reason is :

I couldn't see my friend(s). Although before SPM, I said to myself another monologue, I'll never see you guys again. Although said like that, I'm feel boring since I cannot tease my friend(s) or being teased by them.
Seriously I don't care being teased by them since that can make me to smile again. Although some teaser is really annoyed myself but nevermind, I'll laugh. 

I could not talk anymore. Dyem, gossiping? Seriously, that's not myself. Just random talk that waste your time but increase your bond between others. 

I don't have any work to do. Since I want to be NEET. Google it if you don't know the meaning of NEET. I just simply sit infront the computer. Online, chatting, update status/blog, etc. That are what I really do right now. It's different before taking SPM. I was busy with homework, exercise, reading, listening music But after SPM, I almost not do anything except listening music, surf internet.

Even Google Chrome know it

The school is infront my house
This is really bad. I want to said goodbye to school but each time I open my house's door, I'll saw my school. Sometimes I saw students too. Lol. 

NEET : not in education, employment, or training

09 December 2011

Please use simple Bahasa Melayu +Mesej Things

I'm sorry for this entry I'll use Bahasa Melayu.

Aku tak tau la Penulis nak merepek apa. Baca dan renungkan

Apabila aku taip entry ni mesti teringat vlog Anwar Hadi. Memula masa aku tengok aku pun terfikir juga penggunaan Bahasa Melayu yang semakin melalut lagi pelik.

Aku tak kisah korang nak guna Bahasa Rojak asal orang yang membaca tu boleh faham isi apa yang korang nak sampaikan. Tak aku nafikan aku pun gunakan Bahasa Singkatan (BS) ni. Berapa banyak Bahasa Singkatan dan Bahasa Rojak yang aku gunakan di entry ni. Cuma aku tak berapa suka korang yang berbangsa Melayu guna Bahasa Singkatan yang korang je boleh faham. Kalau macam tu, baik korang monolog sesorang. *seriously, aku sering bermonolog /foreveralone.jpg

Mungkin ada yang kata, "ala, nak singkatan huruf je la. Nanti kalau panjang-panjang, diorang mesti tak dapat baca. Pointing to Some Message is missing." Memang la nak jimat. Tapi jimat jenis berakal sedikit la. Kalau tak jadikan x tu aku pun tak kisah. Aku pun guna je. Tapi aku lebih  berminat menggunakan perkataan yang sebenar bagi mengelakkan salah faham. Tak kisah la ambil masa yang panjang ke pendek ke asal penerima faham suda la.

Lagi satu stail mesej aku memang aku selalu dapat dari kawan aku, di mana Anwar Hadi pun cakap. Penggunaan berlebihan huruf. Ala yang A jadi EW. Ni kurang la sikit ada dapat melalui mesej sebab sebab sebab *bersambung selepas satu jam* aku kurang dapat mesej dari kawan. Atau aku yang kedekut dalam duit ni. Tapi yang ni aku tak kisah sangat cuma aku cakap kat member aku, "eh bro, ko mesej macam ew ew. Lawak seh. Apew la ko niew. Aku pikir ko memang lawak ar." Aku tak boleh buat Bahasa Eww. /fail.jpg

Dan paling hebat dalam mesej ialah Mesej Berantai. Ala, benci aku dengan mesej berantai ni. Saja nak abiskan duit aku je. Paling tak boleh terima tu penggunaan nama Allah sebagai contoh Demi Allah saya, bla bla.. Aku pernah tanya juga pada Ustaz aku pasal surat berantai ni. Beliau menyatakan tidak perlu hantar.
Aku memang tak suka hantar surat berantai ni sebab apa?
Reason pertama : Abiskan duit.
Reason kedua : Kenapa nak percaya mesej tu? Bukankah kebahagian terletak di tangan Allah?
Reason ketiga : Buang masa korang je. Forward ke 10 orang.

Pesanan aku :
Gunakan Bahasa Melayu yang betul. Aku tau agak sukar nak guna sebab nampak macam formal sangat. Tapi at least kurangkan la penggunaan Bahasa Singkatan tahap Zombie tu. Supaya penerima takkan salah faham.  Aku tau aku pun gunakan bahasa singkatan tapi tak la tahap zombie tu. Btw, nak tengok vlog Anwar Hadi tu?
Minta maaf jika aku terkasar dalam entry ini

I like your vlog, AnwarHadi

Facebook : Keep the world change

Facebook Normal. 

This is not really new story. Just new for me. As I lurk in Facebook I saw many differences in Facebook.
Notification is one of them. Sometimes the notification at left and sometimes at right.

Just give a nice one. Really, I not care what happen to my facebook now. Except never hack it please. 

Wanna see the other facebook?

I like this most

08 December 2011

3 TIPS : For who want to go town with friends

This is not my city. Still not yet

There are many tips that I get when I went to city with friends. This tips is really useful for me who just like said and nobody care. *I can feel my despair-aura right now*

First and foremost : Select a suitable mall. If you just want to go some place in that Mall, just go alone. Never invite people again. Emo mood? lol. The boy that having this problem is weird.. Never went to place that almost died too. Empty with all closing shops. That's really weird place. Like you go to new place.
And if you think your destination is more good than them. Suggest to them, if they don't want, you can get two choices which are:

A- Leave them alone. But side effect is you are ALONE
B- Follow them silently but rant them. 

Second : Brings more moneys! This is important since you is not with your parent. 
I have this situation and brings me to regarding-corner. I waste too much money for an arcade. And what I get is just lose. Epic fail from me actually. And also, sometimes we cannot predict what we will seen right?
For example, you just bring RM5 to dinner. In your mind, you already calculate that your dinner will just RM5. But what happen if the price is increase? From RM5 to RM7. How suppose you want to pay it? You don't want to asked your friend for pay your food right? So just bring more money.

Third : Be good with friends. This is for your benefits actually. Always asked them. If you want, modify your face and be like sad-ish face. Never use this

Kidichi In Town

Another random tell from me

After 2 weeks in home without going out with friends, one of my friend asked to go BP Mall. Oh ok. I think I'll go since I don't have any things to do in home. The another reason why I went to BP is for searching Cash Deposit. Seriously, I;m so dummy to think Cash Deposit in the BP Mall. 
Beside that, I can know the price of PSP. At this moment I found the price is just RM500. Good enough, better buy PSP than buy iPhone. 
The bad side is, I just think that I just waste too much money for Arcade. Demn, I'm very stingy. Nevermind, as long I can play bowling with others. I really like to play bowling and always lose. 

Bowling Result. I'm Kidichi forever

Ok, finally bowling was ended. We just play for one frame only. I'm stingy right?
We walked together, 4 in numbers of member. When I walked, I found this *point to the photo :  

Girls' Generation (SNSD) music clip which is Gee. 

I also heard 2NE1's new song too.