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17 October 2011

The Bravest Girl. Indeed

This is not joke for Loki's birthday ok. This is the reality. The most bravest girl ever I have heard. She is brave to speak or rather I said type at facebook to Prime Minister.

The issue is simple one, for next year (2012), the students must learn Math and Science in Malay back. I'm not care about it. But, if you already learn English for 9 years. How they want to understand Malay in 2 years?

The solution is study in both language, Malay and English. But kind kill the teacher. I want to give some opinion about this. If they go to Matrix, they still need to learn in English. Kind tough for Malay students.

Even I was struggling to understand English. I know they want to use Malay again. Then how about like this, all subjects except English is teaching in Malay. But when your in the university, the books is in the English.
Then, you need dictionary at side for all the time. Never mind. Dictionary is best friend.

Anyways, we need to study. The result that we need. So for form 3 students, good luck for next year!

14 October 2011

Handphone is the status!

As the time flow, the user of handphone increase. Even now, some people have 2 hanphones or more. tsk.
Like me I have 2 handphones but just using 1 only. I'm not so rich. The rich I mean is the person who can buy new prepaid like throwing rubbish. Ah! I;m lazy to use English for now. So, Malay mode. Here the Malay one.

Bukan la aku nk kutuk pengguna handphone nh. Tp.....

*I feel like rubbish when using Rojak Malay. I hate to use. The reason? - I'll use informal Malay. I more like to use formal Malay. So, here the Malay one. But still the rojak one.

Sepanjang aku hidup di dunia sekolah nh, aku perhatikan (ye, hidup aku cuma memerhati baik dan buruk orang je) sesetengah couple akan menukar handphone mereka. Tidak ku ketahui sebab mereka melakukan begitu. Tapi korang ( the readers if I have them) suka tak macam gini:

A : mempunyai Nokia 5130
B : mempunyai Nokia 1112

A dan B adalah sepasang kekasih. Selepas couple mereka exchange the phone. Kira macam petukaran tidak sama nilai la. Selepas tu, part yang paling best ialah, bila orang tanya A pasal handphone dia. Sah, ada 2 jawapan :
1- phone aku rosak
2- phone aku pada orang

Sah, hanphone adalah suatu alatan menunjukkan status korang. Tak perlu lagi guna FB nak tukar2 status. Haha. Oh, aku rasa seperti kesepian ke?

Nah, aku buat post nh bukan nak kutuk atau tunjukkan aku cemburu. Just opinion aku je.

12 October 2011

The Newest Shoes!

After 6 months using broken shoes. I'm lazy to buy new one. I have many broken things that I not want to replace. Since waste the money when you just use for 6-5 months only.


I finally bought and brand new shoes which is from converse. Since I'm still 17 years old and very stingy, I use my father's money to buy it. With RM 99.90, I buy it.

Beside the shoes and box. I just get the beg. The beg that students use at this moment. The side one I mean.
And my friends said the fabric is made from raincoat. Yeah, I know that fact. But it's soo cool. The design I mean.

But having converse shoes at school kind dangerous too. Sometimes, people like to steal shoes. Meh, why they not buy their own shoes? I hope I can have this converse until the end. 

Oh, did the shoes become my another girlfriend?