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31 October 2012

too much new music video

Keep resting and procrastinate. Then how about I lurk youtube website. hmm. I just visit youtube for find education video [sometimes] or watch some random video[s].

owh, a new layout. Although I don't know if all user get new layout or not. But another change from youtube. It's same as FaceBook too. Keep changing layout. haha..

For this month, we have many new music video. And as usual, most music videos is came from Korea. Should I said it's about K-pop?

So let me give music video that catch my eyes. Scroll down :

HyunA - Ice Cream

Only this. haha. Other is Japanese song, or anime theme song. Gintama and also Medaka Box Abnormal. 

As usual, I'll addict with this song until I get new song. 

28 October 2012

Little Busters! Anime Version


Episodes: 26
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Oct 6, 2012 - ?
Producers: J.C. Staff

The latest [not really] Key's visual novel is animated. Many fans waiting Little Busters! to be anime since the visual novel is released. The producer is JC Staff. Although many fans want KyoAni to animate this visual novel but let give chance to JC Staff. JC Staff are really popular since them create [animated] the 4 wonder tsundere.

Since this visual novel, there are many arcs. Seriously too many arcs and some of them are long. Since we get only 26 episodes, we don't know which arc[s] will be in the anime. 

Overall, they follow like in visual novel. The OST, the opening, storyline. It's same when Clannad become anime too. 

Comparison between visual novel, anime, manga.

But before watching this anime. I recommend to play the visual novel first. Then, you'll not bore with the anime. Most of them dropped since they still not see any plot[s]. lol

oh! I saw Saaya too. Don't she'll appear or not.

Drama for this holiday -The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle

Camnilah hidup bercuti ni. Kalau tak de aktiviti sangat. Makanya aku cari cerita yang boleh menaikkan imaginasi aku ke tahap super! 

Oh btw, saja je nak taip dalam bahasa Melayu kali ni. haha. Ok. Cuti kali ni, memang banyak benda aku nak marathon ni. Bukan marathon lari-lari. Aku tak mampu. Malas. Fullstop. 

Disebabkan aku tengok Kamen Rider jumpalah drama ni kat website fansub. 

The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle

Cerita camni sesuai bagi yang tahu parody ni. Sebab banyak lawak diorang gunakan game, etc. Sebab tu kekadang aku pun tak boleh gelak sebab tak faham. ==; Tapi better tengok je. Best? Boleh kata best la. 
ok. Have fun. 

17 October 2012

A week after final exam

Yesh yesh yesh!! After 2 weeks struggling [not really] I finished my final exam. I just hope I can pass all papers and persuade my study. Although I kind hate with science stream but it's okay.

Now I re-think back, I'll use my drawing as part time job. lol Not be full times, since I need to pay attention to my studies. But don't worry, I still draw but just illustrate. Or maybe some strip comic. I still need to study how to design, illustrate. I want to make them as my part time. Seriously.

No real ambition. Just don't give me too much physics. 

Forget about that, after a week I finished my final, I can go back to home. Ahhh. Johore ehh.. Long times not to see. Still same like before [after SPM] I'll waste my time with online, gaming [not really]. I know some of my friends already began their study for next sem. Haha. 

But I still need to study for next sem. Must begin in November. Maybe 
What am I doing for this holiday besides online or gaming? Of course keep drawing like I have dateline. 

My focus now is playing with screentone. It's really important. I should learn this first. But better late than never. Haha. Beside that, my original problem is still figure. Must keep drawing. 

And somehow, I hope our group, D6 will never separate. I only want with them for one year. One semester is 4-5 months.