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28 November 2012

[Rainmeter Skin] : Pokemon Black White : Hilda/Toko

Present to you the latest rainmeter skin, Hilda aka Toko from Pokemon Black White. She is one of heroines that I like most. To find suitable picture is really pain. Luckily I found one. 

26 November 2012

[Rainmeter Skin Notepad] : Mei [Rosa] -Pokemon Black White 2-

Present to you the latest rainmeter skin. It's quite new rainmeter since we can type some note in that white box. The advantage[s] of this type rainmeter is you can use the note pad like sticky notes and you can see Rosa or Mei there. 

24 November 2012

[GAME] : YGOPro The Dawn of New Era

YGOPro Dawn of New Era
Developer : Kaiba Corporation
Game for : Yugioh TCG/OCG

Present to you another auto dueling game. YGOPro Dawn of the New Era. Now we just can download the software and duel with others. We not need any calculator to count your LP or what. Everything in automatic now. The latest pack is Cosmo Blazer also included in this game.

The game is quite easy. Just download the folder [zipped] and extract it. Viola~ you can play it. Also, they put some background sound. You can change or mute it too. So, don't worry about it. 

Just download it and you play it.

Where to download? Click here

21 November 2012

Game Review : Pokemon Black and White 2

Title : Pokemon Black and White Version 2
Developer : Game Freak .inc
Platform : NDS

Pokemon Generation V or rather this is part of Black White. The setting is 2 years after Pokemon Black and White but we still at Unova. With brand new players, rival, plot and also new mascot. 
For BW2, we get a new mascot which is Kyurem. Just play the game for you know why we have only Kyurem only.

Actually Kyurem have 2 forms which are Black [Zekrom] and White [Reshiram]. Both Zekrom and Reshiram came from BW. 

I already finished play this game. And quite satisfy with this version. Since we have new gym leader. Even Cheren from BW became a gym leader. 

The champion is Iris. A girl become a Champion! This is not so new. But still we have Elesa and Skyla~
Elesa [Kamitsure] and Skyla [Huuro]

Beside that, we have new gym leader [female ofc], Roxie [Homika]. From what my view [also opinion] I think this girl is quite tsundere. keke.. put her into my list

Roxie [Homika]

Beside of the game, we also have a brand new trailer. Not just NDS version. But anime. I repeat, ANIME. 

I satisfied with the heroine and N
Seriously I just want to this BW to become anime. Oh and please no more Satoshi/Ash in the anime. I want same as trailers above. That's my wish.

Mei / Rosa [BW2] and Toko / Hilda [BW] are my favorite heroines. Both of them are too moe~ 
Tooko and Mei

20 November 2012

[Manga] : Hungry Joker

Tittle : Hungry Joker
Author : Tabata Yuuki
Genre : Comedy, Supernatural, Shounen, Action

when a shota become mad scientist!

After the end of Katekyo Hitman Reborn, one of two new manga is released by Shounen Jump. I think I like Shounen Jump since there are too much manga there such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, etc. So, I think how about I try some new manga.

For this time, the manga is about virus. I think it's quite rare to find manga with this theme. This why I read this manga. 

Besides, this manga also win Golden Future Cup. I don't know much about that. 

The main character is shota with assistant. Of course this shota is not like usual shota. He is kind quite errr [mad] scientist. And also, what we need is apple. Of course like Newton's case. He got gravity idea when an apple hit his head right? So, the author use this concept but alter it. 

It's seem the apple always become forbidden fruit. The fruit that have knowledge. All what in manga told me. 

So, what I think, I'll continue to read this manga. 

18 November 2012

Midori Kanda. My Pure Love for You~


Seriously the tittle is quite dangerous. Not really. Btw, for who don't know who is Midori Kanda, you have my permission to google it. Although I'll tell you who is she. Midori Kanda is one of my favorite cosplayers. I like her cosplay when I see the picture that she cosplay'd as Aisaka Taiga.


Enough of that. Ready for spamming. 

Credit :

Then how about I show some non-cosplay picture from Midori Kanda?
Cuteness OVERLORDD..... 
Oh I wish I have same phone and casing too. <3 b="b">

Credit : Genzo_Index