21 November 2012

Game Review : Pokemon Black and White 2

Title : Pokemon Black and White Version 2
Developer : Game Freak .inc
Platform : NDS

Pokemon Generation V or rather this is part of Black White. The setting is 2 years after Pokemon Black and White but we still at Unova. With brand new players, rival, plot and also new mascot. 
For BW2, we get a new mascot which is Kyurem. Just play the game for you know why we have only Kyurem only.

Actually Kyurem have 2 forms which are Black [Zekrom] and White [Reshiram]. Both Zekrom and Reshiram came from BW. 

I already finished play this game. And quite satisfy with this version. Since we have new gym leader. Even Cheren from BW became a gym leader. 

The champion is Iris. A girl become a Champion! This is not so new. But still we have Elesa and Skyla~
Elesa [Kamitsure] and Skyla [Huuro]

Beside that, we have new gym leader [female ofc], Roxie [Homika]. From what my view [also opinion] I think this girl is quite tsundere. keke.. put her into my list

Roxie [Homika]

Beside of the game, we also have a brand new trailer. Not just NDS version. But anime. I repeat, ANIME. 

I satisfied with the heroine and N
Seriously I just want to this BW to become anime. Oh and please no more Satoshi/Ash in the anime. I want same as trailers above. That's my wish.

Mei / Rosa [BW2] and Toko / Hilda [BW] are my favorite heroines. Both of them are too moe~ 
Tooko and Mei