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31 March 2012


Yeah! At last after 3 months, the winter ended. So many anime already achieve their end. So, I already finish watch many anime. Let's have review with it.

Zero no Tsukaima F
The ending is very satisfied. At last the tsundere, Louise and tsukaima, Yuuji is married. This is really happy ending. Since it's rare to see tsundere's anime get married ending. At the end of anime, the 1st opening is using back. It's really nostalgia to hear older opening.

High School DxD
The ending left me in despair. I think there are will be new season. At final episode, the (red) dragon told about white dragon. But at the end there is no white dragon. So, maybe second season. At last, after offering many things, Issei can defeat Pheonix. Fyi, they lost in rating game. So, Lucifer (Rias' brother) help Issei to defeat Pheonix in new rating game.

Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai!
The family anime. It's really rare for me watch this genre anime. So, the final anime is really surprising. They told Hina about their parent. Although they don't said died word but using sentences "they will never back to see us. We can't visit them since they are far far far away" is still understanding. 

Ano natsu de matteru
New romance anime. Anonatsu does not have manga, game or novel. It's new. Created by JC staff. Some of my friend said, this anime is same as Toradora!. It's about alien, love. The ending is satisfied. They met the place that Ichika want to see. Although Ichika got catch by their native, at the last part, she come back to see Kaito.

Brave 10
Nothing much to said. I'm satisfied with the ending.

Danshi koukousei no Nichijou
Aka : Nichibros
The ending is really random. So, I think I'll miss many character in this anime like Yassan, Tadakuni's imouto (Mei), Nago, and the boys.

Guilty Crown
I really like this anime but the ending is really sad. Inori is gone. Shuu become blind. I just want Shuu and Inori to be together at last minute but nah, I just can watch and typing. 

Shakugan no Shana F
Another tsundere anime beside Zero no Tsukaima. It's same as Zero no Tsukaima. They played the first opening. SnS is really my first anime after I reach internet's world. The ending is ok. Although Shana and Yuuji are not married but it's ok as long both of them already confessed. The ending story is really confused so, better read some forum.

So, that's all for today~

30 March 2012

FAM kena hack?

Hi pembaca,
kecoh aku tengok kat FB tipu je pasal website rasmi FAM kena hack. FAM ialah singkatan bagi Football Association Malaysia telah digodam hari ini. Puncanya ketidakpuasan hati dengan presiden FAM tidak mahu meletakan jawatan. 

Sebenarnya aku tak tau nak cakap apa pun. Aku bukanlah pemain bola sepak negara, kelab, sekolah, atau kampung. Aku hanyalah seorang kaki bangku yang sering duduk di bangku rumah. ceh siap bersastera lak tu

So, sehingga kini (5:44 PM), website FAM masih dalam digodam. 

29 March 2012

Music Traditional? Gamelan? ehhh

Ni ada la satu kisah di mana kawan aku datang rumah aku. Biasa la rumah pusat interport katanya. Then dia boleh ajak aku dengar lagu traditional lak. Aku tak kisah la sebab aku ni memang peminat lagu. Aku dengar semua genre lagu, metal, classic, indie, K-pop, J-rock etc. 

So, dia tunjukkan la kat aku Gamelan. Well, I'm noob. Aku ingat gamelan ni gong je tapi dia macam orkestra gak la. Cuma gamelan ni gunakan metalofon, gambang, gendang dan gong. 



Tu gambar kat atas tu merupakan instrument music yang penting dalam gamelan. Gamelan ni asalnya dari Jawa, Indonesia. Jangan kita lupa Malaysia ni penuh dengan kebudayaan. Gamelan ni femes kat Pahang. Buktinya pada zaman Sultan Ahamd Muadzam Shah je gamelan ni dah diperkenalkan. So, kawan aku ni dari Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah masuk group gamelan ni. Puncanya dia tak mahu la music traditional ni pupus. 

Alang2 korang dah baca ni, cuba dengar lagu Gamelan ni. Click je play kat video di bawah.

Meanwhile : Kidichi's hearing classic music like Swan Lake, Bach, Mozart

27 March 2012

Dapat satu hilang 1-2 -Friendzone chapter -

Funny giler tajuk aku arini. Ah, btw, I'm sorry for not using English today. /lol

Pada pagi yang indah ni aku ceritakan pasal friendzone. Aish tajuk macam lari je. Btw, tau tak friendzone tu apa? Tak? Meh sini aku tolong.
The friend zone is when one person in a platonic relationship wishes to enter into a romantic relationship while the other does not. 
Dalam Bahasa Melayu, friendzone ni kena reject la. Ala, biasak la tu kena reject. Biasanya friendzone ni jadi kat lelaki. Sebab tu err ramai laki single. Dan pisahkan diri dari dunia reality yang kononnya kejam ni. lol
Ending untuk friendzone ni biasanya mereka akan jadi BFF. Bukan aku nak kutuk BFF tu salah tapi biasa macam tu la. Sebabkan tak nak lukakan hati orang lagi.

Menurut experiment aku, 50% perempuan/lelaki yang mem-friendzone-kan orang ni biasanya mempunyai crush. Crush : Orang yang seseorang itu suka tetapi masih lagi tak terus terang

Baru masuk tajuk sebenar
Sebenar aku ada sebab nape aku biarkan hidup aku dalam keadaan single. Puncannya la, aku tak nak hilang kawan aku. Faham tak? Sebenarnya apabila seseorang itu bercouple, other crush yang lain akan terasa macam dia tidak diperlukan lagi. Apa lagi, mula la crush tu buat hal. Jadi makin panas baran la itu la ini la.. Tapi paling teruk sekali, orang itu dah tak ingin tengok muka crush dia lagi. Senang cerita ada yang bunuh diri la. Aish

Lepas couple, datang la sahabat baru. Bestkan? Syaitan datang meh~ Ah, pandai-pandai fikir ending route Syaitan tu. Dua pilihan je. Baik dan Buruk.

Lepas tak dapat crush mula la jauhkan diri dari crush. Menurut experiment aku, punca mereka jauhkan diri mereka disebabkan diorang tak mau nak jatuh hati kat crush mereka. Lagi hebat, ada yang kutuk crush sendiri. Tapi biasanya, kekasih crush tu kawan hang juga. Yang entah alih-alih datang lepas korang dan terus dapat crush korang.

Crush korang yang memula suka kat ko terus tukar orang. Sebab personality ko tak menarik sangat atau entah apa entah yang best sangat kat kawan korang tu. lol

Yang kena friendzone tu, janganlah menyerah kalah. Tuhan tahu apa yang Dia buat. Mungkin Dia nak bagi korang pengalaman/cubaan sebelum jumpa cinta sebenar korang. Tapi korang jangan lak nak hancurkan relationship orang. Nanti kena balik susah gak.

p/s: uish, entry BM aku pasal cinta lak. OTL

26 March 2012

Segmen: Bloglist April-Mei Bersama Jebat

Klik sini untuk lebih info

Little Busters! Anime get

Little Busters! is my first Visual Novel that I played. The story is really sad. I remember I almost cry when play Kurugaya Yuiko's arc. So, this game already release since 2007 but until now we still don't get any chance to see LB in anime. LB! is created by Key. This is Key's sixth game. 

Too much fans want to watch LB! since Clannad already being a anime. So, I just wait the anime. Don't know when it'll be released. I also don't get any PV.

I just hope I can see Saya in action too.

Based on this
A commercial during the 34th episode of ASCII Media Works'webradio@dengekibunko program announced that a television anime adaptation of Key's Little Busters! visual novel has been green-lit. The commercial for the Dengeki Visual Art's 2012 Spring publication plays at the 49:46 mark.
Key, an adult game brand of Visual Art's, released the original romance adventure game for personal computers in 2007, and it has since been ported to the PlayStation 2 and PSP platforms. The Japanese software company Prototype just released the PS Vita version on Thursday.
More info will be added

Busy weekend - Running Man! -

Random Picture

So, after receiving my SPM's result, I think I don't want to update my blog. The result is good except my English and 2 other subjects. But still I using my crap English to write blog and FB and twitter. Since UPSR until SPM, my english never get A. Haha. Darn, I don't want to think about it. As long people can read and understand suda la..

So, I was wasted my time to watch Running Man

What's Running Man? Btw, this is not THE Running Man. 
Running Man (Korean런닝맨) is a South Korean variety show; a part of SBS's Good Sunday lineup, along with K-pop Star. It was first aired on July 11, 2010. This show is classified as an "urban action variety"; a never-before-seen new genre of variety shows.[1] The MCs and guests complete missions in a landmark to win the race. 

I just watch Running Man to see my girls. I mean SNSD. But after a while I tried to watch other episodes and surprising! I like this show. Why? Just try to watch one episode and you know it. Beside that, the main casts are not random people but they are idol or MC. Some of them are singer and actor. Like Song Ji-hyo, she is an actress. And what I see, she is really pretty. /lol Other casts are really funny. I cannot stop to laugh when watch this show. 

So, I'm waiting new episode now. Maybe it'll be releasing on Wednesday. Actually Running Man is not my 1st Korean variety show. My first variety show is Invisible Youth.  

19 March 2012

Fashion King

Fashion King tells the story of young aspiring designers in Dongdaemun Market as they dream of success, and the relationships, love, and challenges they face along the way.
Kang Young Gul has never had any goals or dreams for a bright future until he meets Lee Ga Young. Together they work towards their dreams.

I have my own strong solid reason why I will watch this drama. Remember Wild Romance? I will watch this drama since Yuri is being an actress in this drama. I hope there is a funny moment. I not really like drama that have too much drama without comedy.

Yuri also is one of SNSD's members. The 1st episode already release today. I not watch it 
Based on my twitter, the rating for 1st episode is already 24.8%. So, I'll wait the subbed one. Don't I will watch or not.

Unfortunely, Yuri does not appear in first episode. She will make appearance in second episode.

Some sones can't wait to see her. And some of watcher already like this drama. So, I'll stay to wait the subbed one and watch it. keke

p/s: Jessica, Yuri then Yoona.

18 March 2012

SPM result in 3 days more

Anna's feel the pressure

21 March 2012 is not too far from today. Why? It's time we can get our SPM result. After 2 years, we were struggling to get good result in exam, trial, test and SPM. We already know our trial, exam, test result but still don't know our SPM result. So, 21 Mac will be a good day. 

Some of my friend already make an event for that date. You can see below about the event that I talked about. 

You can see all SPM candidates are in nervous mode now. Why? We know that. SPM result = future. I hope I can get a good result. Maybe some of you already know that I'm one of SPM candidates too. Not this year but last year.

Also, you can check your result through the SMS too. Teknology dah mudahkan hidup kita weh
How to do so?
Just type SPM [No IC] [No Angka Giliran] to 15888.

But if you have chance just go to your school la. Bukan korang duduk kat asrama pun. Kalau duduk kat asrama tak pe la. Also, that day, the SMS traffic will be jammed. So, just go to school. Or you can use it. 

16 March 2012

Wordless Day

Konichiwa~! sabbah-el-khair~! Ahn nyeong~! 

That's picture. Show what I am doing now. lol. Nah, I just a person who hate to sleep. But I still need sleep too. So, my metabolic rate will be in normal state. If not, my mood will be not good. keke

Actually what I am doing now is just watching video. Korean and Japanese mostly. Since I'm a sones -SNSD's fans- so, I keep watching SNSD variety show(s) including Invisible Youth 2. Although IY2 just using Sunny and Hyoyen as their hosts but must watch since Korea have many variety shows. And now I'm starting to watch Running Man. That variety show is really fun. I hope one day Malaysia can make one that feature Malaysian singers. That's will be fun. Maybe la.

So, in early morning, I already open the PC. lol Browsing FB and twitter but I don't so active there. I just open and left it.

So, since I still improving my layout, I make own slider. I mean using my drawing.

There you are. keke. Who's she? She is my OC. or should I said that she is my mascot? 

Original Picture

Oh now I can see my mistake when send a proposal to Komik-M. I need to ink then dry it for a day. 
Maybe only that I can write now. 

Jalan-jalan tambah kenalan

Another blog walking segment.. Too much segments that join. lol. Btw, interested? Click the banner. Quick click the banner.
And the question in Malay, so I'll answer in Malay

  Perkara yang sering di angan-angankan :
Buat satu komik yang mempunyai ramai pembaca. 

Anda obsess/fanatik/ gila / minat dengan :
SNSD. Terutama Sunny~!

Senyuman dia agak menawan. Bagi aku sorang.

Anda akan blogwalking jika……?
Saya nak. Kekadang bila saya ada mood baru la blogwalking. Kalau tak jangan harap. 
Apabila orang BW kat chatbox saya.. keke

15 March 2012

Segment 3 In 1 By NabilaMedan

So, I was tagged by gm. Without wasting any times, let's type something for this segment. Btw, interesting? Just click the banner. Quick click the banner. But I need to tag other 2 bloggers. So, I'm deciding to tag~! *dum dum dum

Everyone ready. I choose you : 
Miss0429 -> another animanga fellow~

14 March 2012

Re: Proposal to Komik-M

Just random picture ok. lol. Actually this entry is my respond toward this entry. It's suppose today we get an email from editor. And I don't get any email from them. Why? Because my comic was rejected. /lol

It's kind sad when your comic or your work was rejected. But my friends support me. Although they are the chosen one. They said that I need to improve my drawing and don't give up. Actually this is not 1st time my work is being rejected. I have an experience when your work are rejected by higher-ups or friends. But don't give up dude. We still have times. Indeed time. 

Other things is, don't wish only. iye la. Korang cakap camni. Aku harap aku boleh buat komik la. But you don't practice. I'm speaking since I'm a human who are really don't perfect. If I not mistaken my English is more broken than now. My drawing and English are not good than others. But my friends help me. I'm not asking from my real life friends since they are too busy and I need to help them in other subjects too. but I ask from my friends. They are twitter friends.

So, now I'm still updating my layout and need more patient. I'll use my artwork for the slider. But that in colour just in black and white. =.=

Btw, she got a name, Anna is her name. She is my OC -Original Character-. So, I think she will be my mascot for this blog. keke 

13 March 2012

Segmen : Tambah Follower Sampai Pening

Another chance to get more followers. So, what am I suppose to do now? Just join la. So, I can get more friends. Friends eh.

I'm forget to tell something. My blog is still under construction. So, many weird thing(s) will appear like the above slider. Reply button can't be used. I hope I can overcome this problem. 

And other thing is I'm using Kidichi name. Commercial name actually. /lol. I kind like to use weird name. But it don't mean I hate my real name. So, any word from me? I think I'll stop here.

Btw, interesting with the segment? Come and visit to here

12 March 2012

Speed List

Interesting tittle right? Actually this is for my blog actually. So, I keep doing blog walking. But what's speed list?
The owner said : 
Speed List adalah satu program untuk memudahkan anda berblogwalking, anda hanya perlu klik sahaja logo diatas dan ia akan automatik membuka 6 link bloger yang lain. Speed List akan sentiasa berada di sidebar blog ini. 
So, I try it. and  *boom* 6 blogs open. So, I just trying la. Kononnya nak panaskan blog katanya. keke
I don't know is my blog get the place or not. So, just try.

Actually I like that blog. I mean
Why? I like the cartoon one. or comic and the owner using Malay. So, all blogs that I had found are using Malay. OTL

Proposal to Komik-M

That's my comic. Not really interesting right? I mean the drawing la. Too much mistake. This is for Komik-M. They give us chance to send proposal for Aku, Kau dan Facebook 3. So, I take the chance and try to do so.

The Komik-M give us 2 choices which are comic strip or loose. I just do the strip one. I like comic strip since I'm still lacking of skill. But I think my drawing are improving. Although my skill for inking are still so-so. /lol
I just think what happen if I buy some tablet.

So, I just ask to my mother to get one. She said we need to learn using traditional too. So, ok. I try to use traditional. But, lol my drawing be are so funny. You can see at my proposal there. keke. I wish I can draw a comic without ink it. But unfortunely, if I do that, the drawing will be not seen. 

Above, that's how I sketching. Too much lines. Sometimes the drawing are too dark but why I saw my sketch are really good then my inking. Then, what I want to do now? So, just practice more. And never give up. So, I motivated myself eh? Nevermind. haha

Oh yea, about the comic strip, if my proposal is reject by editor(s) then I'll show the full one. 

11 March 2012

Two choices

Interesting right? Btw this is not about my relationship. Owait, I don't have any crush now. It's seem my crush already have boyfriend.

This is about myself and the future of this blog. Actually I saw this blog are too silent. More like a graveyard. No one here. Although some of them are really active in my chatbox. So, I think I should using Malay but I don't want. a stubborn person. really stubborn. 

What am I thinking? If I want to use English, I need to improve my grammar. Yea, I always get killed by grammar-nazi. Grammar-nazi, a person who can detect my grammatically error. Keke. Maybe I should using Malay. It's seem when I using English, most of times, the reader(s) cannot get the point. And the most interesting blog using Malay. Yeah, I know. I already forget how to use English. I'm scaring now. The future another problem. keke

Oh maybe I can use both.

I don't want to wast my times. So, I take some time while drinking a cup of tea and read some Malay's blog. Oh interesting. Most of them using simple Malay. So, what I can do now? Should I using English or Malay?
Help me to decide.

08 March 2012

Yuri, Sooyoung and now TaeYeon

I mention Yuri and Sooyoung is not for a joke. Actually, today is TaeYeon's birthday.

Today is 9 Mac. That's mean TaeYeon's birthday. I don't what will happen in South Korea there. I mean their members. Don't know what they will do to celebrate TaeYeon's birthday.

I remember SooYoung's birthday. They celebrate at Paris (correct me if I wrong) since they have program there. With sones, they celebrate it.

So, today is TaeYeon. She is the leader of SNSD. Although look like a leader, most of times, she like to be a dorky. She also the member that have many nickname like, Kid Leader, Byuntaeng, OST Queen and many more.

She also the oldest one although she have kid like body. If I not mistaken, I always think Taeyeon is Sunny. And now all sones and taegang are celebrating her birthday. So, as one of sones, I'm celebrating too. Just wish to TaeYeon with Happy Birthday! I hope you'll be more successful! I always support you.

p/s: Really Mac. A month that have many birthday including my mother. keke

05 March 2012

As the student in holiday

Well as you know (or not) that I was unemployed until now. I just help my father, going driving lesson that's all. But one day, my friend invited me to follow them. So, just follow them. Maybe I can get some work.

They invited me to a bakery. A shop that sell cakes and breads. I thought they want to get work but they want to learn how to make breads. The owner ask us that we are interest or not? As for me, I don't have any interest until I try something. Even I don't interest with anime until I try to watch Clannad and Shakugan no Shana. So, maybe this learning can help me to get more interest about cooking.

Then, the owner ask more, are we not follow a friend? Uh.. really tough question. Actually yes. And no too. Because I want to get more talents. Well, maybe one day I can open a bakery and be a famous. /lol

So, we'll learn how to make breads. And one person per day. It's mean I'll never see them while I studying. 

02 March 2012

Spechless new month

Aoh, I'm forgetting to update my blog again. I'm too busy with my drawing. That don't give me any benefit or should I said money.. lol. And again I missed 29 February. Never mind. 

I just want to talk about my mind. Kekeke.. Not really about personal la. It's about the song

The origin of this song is the 4th opening theme of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. The name of this song is Believe in Nexus. Nexus is bond actually. So, most of times yugioh's opening song is about hope, bond. This is song that keep replaying in my mind during SPM. 

That's remind me about Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. People keep criticise this anime since we will duel on the motorcycle. So, in the final arc. The fans said this is the greatest Yugioh. hehe.. 

It's like how many people criticise, bashing you, you just keep forward. Take the criticise and make miracle. Miracle is too much in yugioh. /lol

And don;t forget to make magic.. lol