12 March 2012

Proposal to Komik-M

That's my comic. Not really interesting right? I mean the drawing la. Too much mistake. This is for Komik-M. They give us chance to send proposal for Aku, Kau dan Facebook 3. So, I take the chance and try to do so.

The Komik-M give us 2 choices which are comic strip or loose. I just do the strip one. I like comic strip since I'm still lacking of skill. But I think my drawing are improving. Although my skill for inking are still so-so. /lol
I just think what happen if I buy some tablet.

So, I just ask to my mother to get one. She said we need to learn using traditional too. So, ok. I try to use traditional. But, lol my drawing be are so funny. You can see at my proposal there. keke. I wish I can draw a comic without ink it. But unfortunely, if I do that, the drawing will be not seen. 

Above, that's how I sketching. Too much lines. Sometimes the drawing are too dark but why I saw my sketch are really good then my inking. Then, what I want to do now? So, just practice more. And never give up. So, I motivated myself eh? Nevermind. haha

Oh yea, about the comic strip, if my proposal is reject by editor(s) then I'll show the full one.