26 March 2012

Little Busters! Anime get

Little Busters! is my first Visual Novel that I played. The story is really sad. I remember I almost cry when play Kurugaya Yuiko's arc. So, this game already release since 2007 but until now we still don't get any chance to see LB in anime. LB! is created by Key. This is Key's sixth game. 

Too much fans want to watch LB! since Clannad already being a anime. So, I just wait the anime. Don't know when it'll be released. I also don't get any PV.

I just hope I can see Saya in action too.

Based on this
A commercial during the 34th episode of ASCII Media Works'webradio@dengekibunko program announced that a television anime adaptation of Key's Little Busters! visual novel has been green-lit. The commercial for the Dengeki Visual Art's 2012 Spring publication plays at the 49:46 mark.
Key, an adult game brand of Visual Art's, released the original romance adventure game for personal computers in 2007, and it has since been ported to the PlayStation 2 and PSP platforms. The Japanese software company Prototype just released the PS Vita version on Thursday.
More info will be added