08 March 2012

Yuri, Sooyoung and now TaeYeon

I mention Yuri and Sooyoung is not for a joke. Actually, today is TaeYeon's birthday.

Today is 9 Mac. That's mean TaeYeon's birthday. I don't what will happen in South Korea there. I mean their members. Don't know what they will do to celebrate TaeYeon's birthday.

I remember SooYoung's birthday. They celebrate at Paris (correct me if I wrong) since they have program there. With sones, they celebrate it.

So, today is TaeYeon. She is the leader of SNSD. Although look like a leader, most of times, she like to be a dorky. She also the member that have many nickname like, Kid Leader, Byuntaeng, OST Queen and many more.

She also the oldest one although she have kid like body. If I not mistaken, I always think Taeyeon is Sunny. And now all sones and taegang are celebrating her birthday. So, as one of sones, I'm celebrating too. Just wish to TaeYeon with Happy Birthday! I hope you'll be more successful! I always support you.

p/s: Really Mac. A month that have many birthday including my mother. keke