05 March 2012

As the student in holiday

Well as you know (or not) that I was unemployed until now. I just help my father, going driving lesson that's all. But one day, my friend invited me to follow them. So, just follow them. Maybe I can get some work.

They invited me to a bakery. A shop that sell cakes and breads. I thought they want to get work but they want to learn how to make breads. The owner ask us that we are interest or not? As for me, I don't have any interest until I try something. Even I don't interest with anime until I try to watch Clannad and Shakugan no Shana. So, maybe this learning can help me to get more interest about cooking.

Then, the owner ask more, are we not follow a friend? Uh.. really tough question. Actually yes. And no too. Because I want to get more talents. Well, maybe one day I can open a bakery and be a famous. /lol

So, we'll learn how to make breads. And one person per day. It's mean I'll never see them while I studying.