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23 March 2010

ISML 2010 Aquamarine Period, Round 1 - Results

after a while, I not update this blog just for fun, beside that lazy-ness keep control me, gah!
hate lazy-ness, so after all, I saw ISML 2010 Aquamarine Period, Round 1 - Result, I not vote it coz, keep busy with my banner, lol still no do it

The result it really really really suprise me!

Shana vs Fate
-how this can be happen? I sure there were lot Feito fans but why her lose? If I think, Nanoha had just released their new movie [yea, that in Japanese] but Shana only get 2 OVAs, maybe this is the strategi to win
or not all Feito fans not vote her coz busy or could not wait the vote time.

Kurimu vs Nanoha
- more suprise me! Kurimu win?! again how this happen, if I think correctly, Kurimu is new character in ISML and she can beat her senior which had powerful moe-ness in ISML, but if otaku/anime watcher attract to Kurimu, coz her attidute is different than other moe that I know. I mean, her not really tsudere or yandere, just president at School. or her cuteness make people(s) want to vote her and get the win. but maybe this is her luck, maybe, I dunno what happen at the future.

Yui vs CC
- not really suprise just above, Yui is from K-On! who can had Mio or Azusa as their trump moe(s), but kind weird [not really] that Gitah can beat Geass, it mean immortal cannot beat music. [just random thing came to my mind]

Mio vs Nagi
- Mio? ahahaha, the trump moe in K-On, she still new and fresh in ISML but can beat Nagi who get titled as Four Wonders Tsundere. Or, the tsundere aura is getting low in world? or not their fans not saw the battle had been began. who know it. Except just one thing, people like Mio than Nagi *lol* that is not impossible. Let's our see the next time. Can Mio maintain her moe-ness or just be fallen moe just like others?

Saber vs Haruhi
- God cannot beat King? Why this happen?! Both anime had their own movie, I still not watch both of them, or Fate/Stay Night's movie. Had time, no good line serves. Just with 200++ different, I think some of them forget to vote Haruhi or just revange due Haruhi 2nd Season? which had epicly boring arc. Endless Night and Making Movie [I could not remember the name] but I still waiting more battle, I still have faith to Haruhi.

Ui vs Fukuji
- the siscon. wait, I not watch saki, but what I know, Saki is Mahjong based anime, ok2, I want to know what happen to this siscon, can her maintanin her winning or not? even Ui now at second place after Shana

Fuko vs Tsukasa
- hahaha, Starfish-fans get win. how? why they not vote Tsukasa which had more "what u want said it" than Fuko. but who care

Azusa vs Kotomi
- owh, other K-On! characters, I see their win now. Viola cannot beat Bass/Guitar. Afterall, Azusa had more chance to win after this if more people(s) vote her than usually that we can guess, 4000++ votes
that is cannot be happen in ISML, even with non-famous characters, Azusa still can get 3000++ votes

Misaka vs Kagami
- no ways! Kyo-sama lose to Biri Biri? just her ended Railgun anime not mean she is good. Kagami had more fans than Misaka, correct me if I wrong. or Kagami tsundere-ness cannot beat Biri Biri's tsundere-ness?
still, we cannot predict more than this, Kagami had more chance if more fans vote her more. I bet, Kagami and Tsukasa is feeling sad now, both of them lose and came from same anime. Now, Konata must win!

*p/s- this is what I think. no offence kay*

Green mean win
Black mean lose