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30 November 2011


MAMA is stand for Mnet Asian Music Awards. For this year MAMA in Singapore. So near from my country and state too. The reason why I watch MAMA is for SNSD.
I'm not SoNE or ELF. Just normal fan.

While I'm studying I watch this awards. Kind surprising me, MAMA also show in 8TV. 8TV is local television channel. Free without charge. So, I just want to see SNSD's performance. Since I'm into Korea's world I take chance to watch. They like energy pill for me stay at night. lol

Too much epicness that I cannot said in word. Or rather typing it.

For SNSD. I saw too avatar one. Air, Fire, Earth, etc. The remix is also good. I'm speechless when watch their performance. Remix one. I hope they will release The Boys - Remix. Really obses to hear remix one.

For Super Junior, kind epic. The make like some agents want to arrest Suju for being too much. But that's gimic. The boys come from sky with Superman song. And then, watch for yourself.

And another band that I in interest is 2NE1. Their song, I am the Best kind fierce. I'm in love of that song. Lol. Need download that song too.

[MYTH] Selamat Pagi Malaysia

[SPM papers 2010]

As you know, or maybe no one know about this fact. That I'm is a spm candidate. As the pure science student, I have facing many myth for SPM.

As the students, we are too lazy to revise all topic in text book. So as the result, we just believe in spot question. How spot question come? Easy answer. The first thing is look your past year question (SPM). Some of friend will said like this, "oh this question already came last year. I'm betting this question will never appear for this year." That is freaking nonsense. We are not Lembaga Peperiksaan. They have power to release same question for next or this year.
Some friends said, if the question always come in Trial, that question maybe come out for the SPM. Ok. I'm almost believe it too. Almost. Yea. Must said. I'm really believe it. But nope. I think the percentage for spot question to come out is just 50%. So, what you want to do? Sit and gaming? Or begin study at early stage?

Another myth that I get is, the black one. *pointing at side of question* is the level for that question. Really I'm believe it until SPM. The higher the black spot, the higher the level. But what happen if you never study and get low black spot. The answer is same for me. All question is easy. But to get correct answer is really super difficult.

Another thing that I always get when exam is problem. I'm not blaming anyone but if the problem will disturb your study better you solve it. It's not easy to answer when your mind is still thinking about the problem.
Solve the problem today and walk forward.