30 November 2011


MAMA is stand for Mnet Asian Music Awards. For this year MAMA in Singapore. So near from my country and state too. The reason why I watch MAMA is for SNSD.
I'm not SoNE or ELF. Just normal fan.

While I'm studying I watch this awards. Kind surprising me, MAMA also show in 8TV. 8TV is local television channel. Free without charge. So, I just want to see SNSD's performance. Since I'm into Korea's world I take chance to watch. They like energy pill for me stay at night. lol

Too much epicness that I cannot said in word. Or rather typing it.

For SNSD. I saw too avatar one. Air, Fire, Earth, etc. The remix is also good. I'm speechless when watch their performance. Remix one. I hope they will release The Boys - Remix. Really obses to hear remix one.

For Super Junior, kind epic. The make like some agents want to arrest Suju for being too much. But that's gimic. The boys come from sky with Superman song. And then, watch for yourself.

And another band that I in interest is 2NE1. Their song, I am the Best kind fierce. I'm in love of that song. Lol. Need download that song too.