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12 November 2010

Rainmeter Skin : Kuroneko (Ruri)

Another my design! not good after all.. haha.  this character is from Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (OreImo) which is the most epic anime. I don't why I said it, but with the moe character like Kuroneko and also Kirino. I think this anime can beat K-On which is the most moe anime for past season. 
I like this Kuroneko. Black and Black is moe!! but I don't think see is tsundere or not. 


If You Had Any Problem About the Skin, just Tell Me

I'll Waiting it! - Ruri

04 November 2010

Rainmeter Skin: Kirino 2nd

Another Kirino. Yeah. I post it at Facebook. Many like this one. Maybe. haha. By the way, Kirino is to moe and kind tsundere too. Haha.. 
She also cannot express her true feeling toward her friends. 
Nevermind, I like both of them. Kuroneko is next. I need to know her true name. 
I just do it for fun.

Rainmeter Skin : Kirino

the most epic anime.. yeah, don't said anythings except this rainmeter.. afterall, after looooong break, I make it again. Rainmeter skin with easy box. Kirino is from Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (OreImo). who is seiyuu-ed by Ayanyan. Azunyan. get it?

I had 2 of them, so choose it. haha. Any problem tell me kay. I just make it for fun


28 October 2010

siwonnnnnnnnnnnnn SNSD

at last after many teaser that we watch, at last we get it..
I would like to present now MV and song from SNSD
Hoot.. lol what, the title is just Hoot but yup, there are totally hoot.. I still not remember their face or name. what a shame. but nevermind, it come already. 1st, I saw James Bond. the korea version. and after that, no bang? or rather I called as shot time. just dance as their pistol. siwonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.. haha.. I need to find the lyric then put the subtitle.. haha

Sooyoung with long hair is more epic one. haha.. wait, which one sooyoung.. nah, nevermind.. here the MV

My Comment is:
SNSD using the most seductive uniform which is black and mini skirt. Black + Red is favourite.
beside that, they also using nurse (or rather just one use nurse uniform). Other that, when I 1st time I hear this song, I tot is come from Nana Mizuki-Maria & Joker. haha..

other that, they form is Silver+Yellow.. kind nice, but not seductive like Black one. after all, this is good MV.
waiting next song.. haha.. I hope Hoot will become other song that they will sing in Japanese after Genie. We had many Japanese fans there. just crossing the finger kay


20 September 2010

Cockroach is Moe?

Even I can fallen love to cockroach?

Japan already make me fainted. yeah. twice fainted to show this creepy creature to be a moe. Nothing impossible for Japanese to make something become so moe. Yeah. we had 2 moe(s) cockroach. but afterall, I cannot like cockroach. yeah, creepy creature. with the freaking eyes and slyly move make I hate this cockroach. 

how many times I killed it. haha.. but the cockroach shell is kind nice. Like tiger one. *dam* what I talking about, a bug? huh

now, I waiting this manga. just 4-koma manga. Hope there are scanlator and translater too. haha..

Source come from Sankaku

18 September 2010

Pocket Monsta! : White or Burakku

"Behold the power of Dark and White"

Title: Pocket Monster (Pokemon) White or Black
Developer: Game Freak
Rate: -/-

after a while I left this blog, I found this new game, but to play this game, I can't use No$GBA again. Need to use DeSmuME. haha.. already download rom and DSMe too. now what I need is just play it. haha

and the main character is kind moe now. ok. I choose girl one now. Don't ask the reason please. haha
want the game?  

For Pocket Monster Black:
Choose me please

For Pocket Monster White:
Choose me if you want White but Dark Inside 

DeSmuME now:
Click me me.. 

I using White one. hmm. I like Zekrom to much! Darkness.. haha.. ooh ok

Summary for both game:
Pokémon Black Version (Japanese: ポケットモンスター ブラック Pocket Monsters Black) and Pokémon White Version (Japanese: ポケットモンスター ホワイト Pocket Monsters White) are the primary paired versions of the upcoming Generation V. They will be, like Generation IV's games, on the Nintendo DS.
Black and White, at this stage, appear to follow the trends set up by previous games in the series. Two player characters (one male and one female) travel a new region, Isshu, on their Pokémon journeys. This region is inhabited by various Pokémon, some of which have not appeared prior to Black and White. The first of the new Pokémon to feature in these games, Zorua and Zoroark, were revealed on February 10, 2010 in CoroCoro magazine, and the starter Pokémon were revealed in May.
The games' names were revealed on the official Japanese Pokémon website on April 9, and scans from the subsequent issue of the magazine were leaked on April 10. These scans revealed some of the graphical enhancements that will be featured in these games. There will be a higher level of 3D graphics than in previous games, as shown in some shots of the overworld. Initial sprites can be seen for Zorua, Zoroark, and the as-yet unnamed player characters. Higher-quality versions of these images were released on the official Japanese site on April 15.
In addition to the improved graphics, a number of aesthetic changes have been made from previous generations, including an altered battle scene containing fully animated Pokémon battle sprites as well as a dynamic camera that changes focus to highlight specific parts of the battle. Also, when talking to people in select environments, like a Pokémon Center and Poké Mart, speech balloons for dialog will appear over people's heads.
Black and White will be compatible with all five Generation IV games. While the full details are not yet known, transferring the shiny legendary beasts released to promote the thirteenth movie in Japan has been confirmed to unlock a Zoroark, and transferring a Celebi met in a fateful encounter will earn the player a Zorua. The games also have the capacity to connect to the internet; players can upload their save file and play online.
The character:
Pokemon is good in girl now! Japan had no problem to make moe character

12 September 2010

We are DEAD

We dead now.. now and now.. lazy to make new rainmeter skin.. I think, I will doing that related with game or yugioh.. so, that only.. thanx

20 June 2010

水樹奈々 ミュステリオン PV

Oh yes!! New PV from Nana Mizuki, I kind late to post here. (lol) this new PV is too nice and I like Nana there. I want that logo. lol

Still Waiting the new album.. 3 weeks more

Just random Poll in ISML

Like all in anime, the big brother/sister always lose with sister/younger brother.. and it show at ISML.. 1981 and 1301? what the.. why this happen?! maybe Mafuyu is kawaii than Minatsu. After all, we still had next poll. Back to Internet

07 June 2010

Rainmeter Skin: Takane Manaka [Love Plus]

After a while I dead, err.. i mean, this blog.. I manage to do some rainmeter skin!~ She, Tanake Manaka from Love Plus. By the ways, Love Plus is not manga or anime (correct me if I wrong), it is NDS's game.
I still not play it, current download other game, not NDS.

btw, I afraid this game is eroge game but rid tell it not eroge game. So, maybe I will download and play it. Holidays is busy.

I current unlike this skin, first, the hair, ok, it cut like that.. and that is to simple or what? ok. this blog dead again. bye bye.


05 May 2010

Rainmeter Skin: Misaka Mikoto

another my work! unsatisfied with them again, I not good. gah, afterall, I need to post something. ok, I post this to fans. nah, no one will download it, right? comment it. I knew it bad

afterall, I need to more practice, doing this while reading book is good. oh, mid-exam is around a corner, need to study, after all, my internet serves is slow. so, I cannot watch anime as many as I want! but, nvm, as long I can download and get it, from friend

had fun! maybe I should make character from Working!!


03 April 2010

for the new layout

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

This story of "love, magic, and battles" revolves around Akuto Sai, a boy who aims to become part of his country's highest order of magicians and contribute to society as one of its clergy. On the day he is admitted into the Constan Magical Academy, his aptitude test predicts the following: "Future Occupation … Devil King." Thus begins his severe school life in which he is resented by his studious female class head, desired by a girl with mysterious powers, and guarded by a beautiful female android.

Oh, Sugisaki Ken voice win again!

I just get boring after no watch any anime in this week, but new anime release, Daimaou? huh, Demon Lord eh, watching this anime make me saying, "wow, did I watch Harry Potter again?" after this anime will be Harem anime with ecchi-ness..

I tot the Soga Kena voice will like Hirano Aya or what.. but Yui voice came again..

The plot, I like this anime's plot, it just want to me watch this ep again and again, coz the epicness of 3D or Magical thing with Samurai. Maybe in this ep, the plot really fast but ussually anime that make us think and want to watch the next ep, but this anime will had suprise too, oh, the observer is mystery thing now. So, when Sai will be just like in picture promo? *Red-Eyes Demon Lord* or just like Samurai Deeper Kyo, they can change the eye or geass maybe?

The ED is great! I like the ED with the animation there, waiting the full one, but no OP this ep, ok, I will wait at next ep.

The Characters is smooth. I like Soga Kena because red-hair and with long hair. *lol* I saw Ken Sai will be the next Sugisaki Ken, oh maybe. Or not. Whatever, I waiting more.

After all, this anime will be my focus after Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

23 March 2010

ISML 2010 Aquamarine Period, Round 1 - Results

after a while, I not update this blog just for fun, beside that lazy-ness keep control me, gah!
hate lazy-ness, so after all, I saw ISML 2010 Aquamarine Period, Round 1 - Result, I not vote it coz, keep busy with my banner, lol still no do it

The result it really really really suprise me!

Shana vs Fate
-how this can be happen? I sure there were lot Feito fans but why her lose? If I think, Nanoha had just released their new movie [yea, that in Japanese] but Shana only get 2 OVAs, maybe this is the strategi to win
or not all Feito fans not vote her coz busy or could not wait the vote time.

Kurimu vs Nanoha
- more suprise me! Kurimu win?! again how this happen, if I think correctly, Kurimu is new character in ISML and she can beat her senior which had powerful moe-ness in ISML, but if otaku/anime watcher attract to Kurimu, coz her attidute is different than other moe that I know. I mean, her not really tsudere or yandere, just president at School. or her cuteness make people(s) want to vote her and get the win. but maybe this is her luck, maybe, I dunno what happen at the future.

Yui vs CC
- not really suprise just above, Yui is from K-On! who can had Mio or Azusa as their trump moe(s), but kind weird [not really] that Gitah can beat Geass, it mean immortal cannot beat music. [just random thing came to my mind]

Mio vs Nagi
- Mio? ahahaha, the trump moe in K-On, she still new and fresh in ISML but can beat Nagi who get titled as Four Wonders Tsundere. Or, the tsundere aura is getting low in world? or not their fans not saw the battle had been began. who know it. Except just one thing, people like Mio than Nagi *lol* that is not impossible. Let's our see the next time. Can Mio maintain her moe-ness or just be fallen moe just like others?

Saber vs Haruhi
- God cannot beat King? Why this happen?! Both anime had their own movie, I still not watch both of them, or Fate/Stay Night's movie. Had time, no good line serves. Just with 200++ different, I think some of them forget to vote Haruhi or just revange due Haruhi 2nd Season? which had epicly boring arc. Endless Night and Making Movie [I could not remember the name] but I still waiting more battle, I still have faith to Haruhi.

Ui vs Fukuji
- the siscon. wait, I not watch saki, but what I know, Saki is Mahjong based anime, ok2, I want to know what happen to this siscon, can her maintanin her winning or not? even Ui now at second place after Shana

Fuko vs Tsukasa
- hahaha, Starfish-fans get win. how? why they not vote Tsukasa which had more "what u want said it" than Fuko. but who care

Azusa vs Kotomi
- owh, other K-On! characters, I see their win now. Viola cannot beat Bass/Guitar. Afterall, Azusa had more chance to win after this if more people(s) vote her than usually that we can guess, 4000++ votes
that is cannot be happen in ISML, even with non-famous characters, Azusa still can get 3000++ votes

Misaka vs Kagami
- no ways! Kyo-sama lose to Biri Biri? just her ended Railgun anime not mean she is good. Kagami had more fans than Misaka, correct me if I wrong. or Kagami tsundere-ness cannot beat Biri Biri's tsundere-ness?
still, we cannot predict more than this, Kagami had more chance if more fans vote her more. I bet, Kagami and Tsukasa is feeling sad now, both of them lose and came from same anime. Now, Konata must win!

*p/s- this is what I think. no offence kay*

Green mean win
Black mean lose

18 February 2010

anime in Drop

-Based the kidichi's watch list in this season
After a month I reduce my recently watch anime to 4 from 6
Drop List:

- so-ra-no-wo-to
This anime, I not see the best of this anime yeah, just watch episode 1 and drop it, this anime about trumpet? yeah, that why I drop it, even there are so many moe there but nevermind, just reduce it to download other anime

- Ladies vs. Butler!
After all this anime is good and in my taste but wait, I saw ecchi-ness in this anime, gah! this is to much especially with tits and whatever

just that all thanx

After the Test and now

gah! the test end, so the life going as well as much, but after the this I had 2 new games
Yu-Gi-Oh! and Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, I think I just newbie in Ace Attorney's game, lol
I had fun in this 2 games and in English? yeah!

what time for now? Be the Detective or Duelist! yeah, I had 2D now

05 February 2010

Month of Lazy-ness *together with test

currently lazy and lazy and more lazy then usually, already in form 4 and need focusing to the studying even anime still not stop to watch. After 2 month, I need to face a test? with 11 subjects, yare2 to much in this year
should drop one or more after this year

the test will be on 16 Feb and the new game will shown itself, [Yu-Gi-Oh! retarded nee], and new game and test, give me more spirit to do this test, hope me get the supreme luck in this test and SPM too

even anime should study too, so why not me?

20 January 2010

kidichi's watch list in this season

[credit image from Shinwa (Gaia 3.1)]

this year and this season, so many anime that I watch, as well with broken line that make me only download the good anime with moe [or traps?]

- Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
I watch this anime after minatsu in seitokai no ichizon said about this anime/novel, afterall we can watch humor, harem, and moe in one anime, also, a trap always make me mess, I almost love he [Hideyoshi], dyem
also, this anime is from RPG production too, that why this anime is to good

- so-ra-no-wo-to
I lol'ed hard when watch this anime not about the humor but one thing, the characters design, I saw Mio in Rio and all other characters, even this anime about Trumpet, maybe we will see the trumpet's name like Guitah, btw, K-On! OVA is out, the age is same as like K-On! characters

- Ladies vs. Butler!
ok, this anime is not so good design, the anime is full with fanservice that many ppl like, even sometimes I regret why I watch this anime but it still good as for harem and yandere[?] maybe we will see other yandere after 11eyes's failed yandere

- Omamori Himari 
as the cat and ecchi is good! and moe too, even the manga design and anime design is different but still same, it harem too! and the main character is allergic with cat too. Just like other cat-anime-story-like, Nyan Koi!
also, the main character design is make me sometimes think, why this is so diferent with manga. 

- Letter Bee
Jun Fukuyama and Nana Mizuki is one anime and as sibling, I like their voice! Jun is Lelouch-voice make win also with Nana-chan too. Nana-chan character is moe, other moe that will dominate moe's world! btw, I tot' this anime just only base on letter-sender a.k.a postmen but still with magical thing! I like this anime, even Jun and Nana is just side characters but still I love Nana-chan voice

16 January 2010

International Saimoe League 2010

the result finaly! all my moe get even I forget to dominate some moe(s) btw, many new face and new moe with to moe
kay, back to vote it now

14 January 2010

madness-virus attack

ANIME GIRL MAD Pictures, Images and Photos

gaah! when this season there is/was/were many anime that should and must I watch but then internet's line is make me go to mad, how to I can watch anime if the server speed is just only 1.6++ kb/s?

I think I had erase to many the unfinish one too

lol.. using bitcomet also cannot help me too, it give me more mad! just now, playing game over and over..
kind boring u know it. but afterall I had one thing that not make me angry, Nana Mizuki!'s song

the newest one, the Phantom Mind which pwns Oricon, hmm that mean this song is so good, download song is more good than download anime? i see it now

02 January 2010

Rainmeter Skin: Hayate no Gotoku - Katsura Hinagiku Maid Mode

Rid want this one, *maybe I think I kind not satisfied with this one, or should i make one more
btw, have fun!
Hinagiku is Maid Mode


Kidichi's Vote - 56%

01 January 2010

Rainmeter Skin: Toradora! - Aisaka Taiga special 2010

just for new year, number 10 is decade and decade is decade and it is 10
whatever, this is new skin that I most like but if i can make black strip and it will look like tiger strip,
btw, I more like taiga because this year is Tiger Year! and Taiga is represent the tiger!

Happy New Year!


Kidichi's Vote - 98% because I like this one

Rainmeter Skin: Suzimya Haruhi no Yuutsu - Nagato Yuki Gothic Red

hmm, kidichi just boring and read at cbox that many people like with Nagato Yuki, especially Hime and it take long time to finish it, because to lazy, now this year [2010] i made new rainmeter skin and I like this skin because I had learn many new techniques at google

ok just that


Kidichi Vote This Skin - 69%

New Year!!

nothing to give, but just GIF only, Happy New Year! now, I more like to cosplay, thanx to Hime..