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12 August 2012

Shishunki na Adam -new manga but I felt dejavu

This is new manga that catch my eyes. Seriously I kind like with this kind of drawing. The girl is really moe if compare with others. Damn, I see this cover since afternoon and waiting time to read them. 

So, let's begin my review. This manga is really interesting for other supernatural fans. It's seem supernatural with girl as main character is too mainstream right now. 

The manga begin with normal life of normal antagonist. From my view this is how to attract people to read their manga. This manga show happy family. Yeah. Happy family which the main character begin housewives type. 

Need to take care about 6 members. 

This is not really surprising in every manga. So, every each manga (or anime) there is a crush right. So, this manga about it too.

Having a crush and sit a back is most common is every manga (or anime). 
So at the end of chapter, the main character will have problem with this world. I mean they are being oppose with creatures or whatever. So, this is time main girl character come to save the world.

An angel come to save your live. But the really normal manga, a girl will protect the boy.