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30 March 2011

This is really muzukashii

Ok nothing happen. Just it said, I just only vote 3 per group. So, 3 of them need to choose.. All of them are really moe~ (by me). So, which one I choose? that is himitsu. but I not choose Madoka and Shiki. That all. Need making manga. But no talent.

26 March 2011

Earth Hours 2011

Herr Yeahhh.. another Earthqu- Earth Hours!! which today. And I not accept the challenger. Haha. Inertia Mode is on! btw, the most favourite website for video which is Youtube had attraction for Earth Hours. Just click and you turn the colour. xD like it!

Before you switch off the lamp. You see the bulb at side of Youtube Symbol. 

It dark! This is most favourite theme from youtube. 

24 March 2011

Devil in helll

ok2.. random tittle is random kay

Just show this one. Kurimu is above Nanoha? What THA?! Did White Devil's age will drop or this just are trick? btw, 4040 is kind good number! Anyways, that all

19 March 2011

ISML- Some of Contestants

Very small image. >Go to ISML to see large image<

As we know, ISML already began, and during this time (which is when I typing this, the 2nd phase is occur). What I gonna to show to you is just some of contestants. There is many new faces there. Some of them give me (or rather us) surprise which win over etc and etc. LOL. Don't be so many because there will many surprise thing after this round. Tiara. etc

The new face that I saw for this time:
Ruri (Kuroneko)

Oh, 2 of 4 wonders tsundere already there. So, which one will win? Mio again? or Hinagiku? or the other new face. So, the vote power is in your hand.

17 March 2011

So, Result huh?

She WIN!!

As the picture show everything. Victorique win against Yui and Mikuru. Hehe. Loli-Sherlock Holmes defeat them. This is really surprising, as you know Yui charms kind more good than her. But the fans choose her. I happy now..

16 March 2011

ISML- really moe thingy

As you know, ISML 2011 already began. Yeah, I was late. LOL. What I need to do now, I just vote Victorique and Victorique. For this time, she will fight against Mikuru and Yui. Both of them had many fans outside there. Yui even she still new but her charming is overkill. And I think Yui can defeat Mikuru easily. But don't who will win. Since there, I will post my vote for this turn.

ARENA 01: [Taneshima Poplar] Uiharu Kazari Ichinose Kotomi

ARENA 02: Asahina Mikuru [Victorique de Blois] Hirasawa Yui

ARENA 03: Okazaki Ushio [Laura Bodewig] Lala Satalin Deviluke

ARENA 04: Alice [Yūki Mikan] Yin

ARENA 05: Astraea [Kotobuki Tsumugi] Morishima Haruka

ARENA 06: Izumi Konata [Rose] Sanzen'in Nagi

ARENA 07: Eucliwood Hellscythe Sakagami Tomoyo [C.C.]

ARENA 08: Tsukuyomi Komoe [Nishizawa Ayumu] Kotegawa Yui

ARENA 09: Furude Rika Kinomoto Sakura [Oikawa Tsurara]

ARENA 10: Seraphim Yui [Haruna]

ARENA 11: [Saber] Akemi Homura Holo

ARENA 12: Stocking Furude Hanyū [Akaba Chizuru]

ARENA 13: [Kanzaki Kaori] Sonohara Anri Nessa

ARENA 14: Hecate Tomoe Mami [Fate Testarossa]

ARENA 15: Kōsaka Kirino Kaname Madoka [Fujibayashi Kyō]

ARENA 16: Yamada Aoi Furukawa Nagisa [Hiiragi Kagami]

ARENA 17: Ryūgū Rena Sōryū Asuka Langley [Shiina]

ARENA 18: Louise Vallière Suiseiseki [Shiina Minatsu]

ARENA 19: [Hinamori Amu] Ibuki Fūko Ōkami Ryōko

ARENA 20: Senjōgahara Hitagi Shiina Mafuyu [Gokō Ruri (Kuroneko)]

ARENA 21: Sōseiseki Kataoka Yūki [Ayanami Rei]

ARENA 22: Nino [Amakusa Shino] Tamura Manami

ARENA 23: Cecilia Alcott Nakagawa Kanon [Isurugi Mio]

ARENA 24: Tōsaka Rin [Tachibana Kanade] Sengoku Nadeko

The most interesting is which I bold it. That is really hard to choose it.

15 March 2011

Yugioh-ism, I will overcome the nexus

Tittle : Yugioh 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus
Developer : Konami
Platform : NDS

Overall: 4/5
Story: 3/5
Card lists: 4/5

As you know, the writer is really love yugioh. Everything that related with Yugioh, I will like/watch/read it. Yugioh TCG is like sport in my life. Unfortunately, I just play in platform(s) or online. And for 2011, the newest game from Yugioh is really good. The story very good. Just like the anime which you will duel with Team New World. And of course, you will make your own Riding Team with Toru and Misaki.

The background music is really love. Especially when you at Crashtown. Plus, you will use click five cards by using NDS control, who the fastest will be the first. It really fun and yet it annoying too. The cards is until Storm of Ragnarok which consists Legendary Six Samurai and Kikou too.

For this game, there NO Aporia, Zone, Paradox or Antinomy. You just see another Antinomy which is Misaki. The girl who can make accel synchro. The parts that I hate is I need riding and run during Battle Royale, I almost give up and kibou came. I like it. LOL

And for Tag Riding duel, you need win all the game. If you lose one of them, it game over. LOL. The game had 5 chapters. At last chapter, you will team with Yusei and Jack to battle with Team New World. And all burden on your shoulder. You need defeat Primo, Lester and Jakob in row and so you will win. And what I like this game is, Misaki.. OMG, Yugioh make me fell to another Yugioh's character. Who know she will can be moe (that is what I think).

So, believe in your deck and draw it.

Misaki smile make me smile all the day. 

Maken-Ki -It not Hentai-

Rating: 4/5
Drawing : 5.5/5 (yeah overkill)
Summary: Takeru Ohyama, a young normal yet perverted minded guy, got accepted and now goes to a school that, unknown to him, was where combat and magic is used. On the first day, he meets again after three years: Haruko Amaya, his childhood friend, Inaho Kushiya, a girl who says she's his fiance, and Kodama Himegami, a blonde who wants to kill him. Finding out that there are many girls there that just don't like him, he is told that everyone there uses a special magic ability while using an item or weapon called a Maken. Later, he finds that no Maken is acceptable for him and doesn't know what to do, since in this school the students get into duels that showcase their magic and combat power, to which he seemingly has none.

This manga is not really new but it released is not like Jump. Weekly release. I don't know when it release. So, I just check everyday. This manga already in internet at 2008 and still not end. The mangaka is from who make hentai manga. (Correct me if me make mistake). The draw is not kind moe, but I still said it so moe, especially Himekami Kodama. And this manga is really logic. Yeah, like High School of Dead, which had super megalarge oppai. And another new power that I had think. Since mangaka, comic-drawer very like make power based on the elements but this not. Just take your time to read this manga. It had moe, pettan, amazing power, harem. Who said megane cannot had his harem?

Plus, this manga had 2 males leading characters. And of course, Takeru as main character and other support character. I forget his name. OTL

For who like ecchi, harem, action or comedy, I think this manga is suitable with you.

Beside that, good news that I heard is Maken-Ki will be anime. So, who will be Kodama's voice? Kugimiya Rie? But since Nippon was hit by earthquake, tsunami and volcano, this anime will be delayed maybe.

Power in Maken-ki is Maken. 

Himekami Kodama

13 March 2011

Earthquake + Tsunami = is really serious..

As you already know, earthquake always happen at Japan. And for this time, the earthquake is really huge (8.9 magnitude scale). The most most largest Earthquake in Japan. After all, Japan is known as anime-country (which I called them). Since there, I searching the news from seiyuu and also mangaka. Must not forget anime/manga staffs too.

Copying from danie's blog:

-Nana was doing narration in studio. It’s her first experience with such a strong, long earthquake, but she’s okay.

-Yukarin was in basement recording studio. She still worked hard, WALKING 2 hours to the next studio. She’s now safe at home thanks to sound producer Tama-chan driving Yukarin and manager home.

-Minorin was in 12th floor after Anisama 2011 press conference. The swaying must have been REALLY scary up there… Tomorrow’s KFD live is postponed (other events and anime are suspended too),

-Faylan was doing photoshoots for new CD. She was surprisingly the calmest amongst all. Faylan staff are fine too. They’re spending the night in studio.

-All Sphere's members also save too. 

I just hope, all seiyuu (and who related with them) will be save.

Oh beside the earthquake, tsunami, whirlpool, Japan also