13 March 2011

Earthquake + Tsunami = is really serious..

As you already know, earthquake always happen at Japan. And for this time, the earthquake is really huge (8.9 magnitude scale). The most most largest Earthquake in Japan. After all, Japan is known as anime-country (which I called them). Since there, I searching the news from seiyuu and also mangaka. Must not forget anime/manga staffs too.

Copying from danie's blog:

-Nana was doing narration in studio. It’s her first experience with such a strong, long earthquake, but she’s okay.

-Yukarin was in basement recording studio. She still worked hard, WALKING 2 hours to the next studio. She’s now safe at home thanks to sound producer Tama-chan driving Yukarin and manager home.

-Minorin was in 12th floor after Anisama 2011 press conference. The swaying must have been REALLY scary up there… Tomorrow’s KFD live is postponed (other events and anime are suspended too),

-Faylan was doing photoshoots for new CD. She was surprisingly the calmest amongst all. Faylan staff are fine too. They’re spending the night in studio.

-All Sphere's members also save too. 

I just hope, all seiyuu (and who related with them) will be save.

Oh beside the earthquake, tsunami, whirlpool, Japan also