15 March 2011

Yugioh-ism, I will overcome the nexus

Tittle : Yugioh 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus
Developer : Konami
Platform : NDS

Overall: 4/5
Story: 3/5
Card lists: 4/5

As you know, the writer is really love yugioh. Everything that related with Yugioh, I will like/watch/read it. Yugioh TCG is like sport in my life. Unfortunately, I just play in platform(s) or online. And for 2011, the newest game from Yugioh is really good. The story very good. Just like the anime which you will duel with Team New World. And of course, you will make your own Riding Team with Toru and Misaki.

The background music is really love. Especially when you at Crashtown. Plus, you will use click five cards by using NDS control, who the fastest will be the first. It really fun and yet it annoying too. The cards is until Storm of Ragnarok which consists Legendary Six Samurai and Kikou too.

For this game, there NO Aporia, Zone, Paradox or Antinomy. You just see another Antinomy which is Misaki. The girl who can make accel synchro. The parts that I hate is I need riding and run during Battle Royale, I almost give up and kibou came. I like it. LOL

And for Tag Riding duel, you need win all the game. If you lose one of them, it game over. LOL. The game had 5 chapters. At last chapter, you will team with Yusei and Jack to battle with Team New World. And all burden on your shoulder. You need defeat Primo, Lester and Jakob in row and so you will win. And what I like this game is, Misaki.. OMG, Yugioh make me fell to another Yugioh's character. Who know she will can be moe (that is what I think).

So, believe in your deck and draw it.

Misaki smile make me smile all the day.