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22 August 2011

Internet Explorer

People need me

Since I'm form 5 in Malaysia. So, I need to fill in Matric's form. And what you need is just internet explorer. While there in my computer, my IE was broken. Ok, don't ask why it broken. 

So, solution: I download IE 9 and need some software *insert it name please* which I don't have. And right now, I still cannot install it. So, what I need to said is, never think to remove your Internet Explorer. If not, they will curse you. 

Choose which one you like. I prefer to use Chrome

21 August 2011

The event that we call it as Hari Raya

Hari Raya merupa hari yang paling best terutama bagi kanak-kanak la. Apa yang diorang nak?
Duit raya la. Dapat duit raya tanpa perlu penat bekerja. Apabila diorang dapat sikit mula la, "apa nh, rumah sebesar gajah dapat RM 1?"

Forget it. This is not what I want to said to the readers. -Oh, do I have the readers?-
Since the Ramadhan almost end. And today is 21st Ramadhan. It's seem many things that we never ever see during other months.
Or rather I said, I never go outside to see what is the differences during Ramadhan and other months.
Here my lists:

During Ramadhan, you can eat or drink the food that we never see during other months. This is time where we can see drinking like Air Katira. Air katira is really tasty~

Source: Google Image

Other than that, we also can get Kad Raya *fans scream.
Although we already in digital world where is people can using email, Facebook, etc to send Digital Kad Raya, but Kad Raya still have their own fans. This is time for the people to send mail to their related, best friend or their couple(?). 
And some of cards Raya have music too. The song is always same. Never mind, as long you have spirit to celebrate Hari Raya. Hari Raya come once in year.

Kad Raya that I found in Carrefour.

Never mind, there is one thing that children like while make some parent worry about it which is Duit Raya *children screaming* 
This is only way that you (children) can get money from others without working. It's same like Angpau. 
Why their want to get money? maybe they want to buy something(s) that they want like maybe handphone, mp3 or others. And that's why children like to go outside just for get some duit raya. Never mind, this is good way to make children go outside. Not like me, who just like to sit infront PC during Hari Raya. *stabbed*
The parents also don't care. This is for fun. Not so fun when you use fake money which you get from Jutaria or Monopoli. 

Ok that's all for this time. 

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya
Credit: Google Image

p/s: Editor will take Trial after a week of hari raya.

20 August 2011

ASS'd in Dueling Network

Reaction after I being ASS'ed

Nothing special in this post. Just simply text with grammatical error. 
In order to get 100 reputation in Dueling Network, I work hard to do so. And,
when we use the real rule.
SOME duelist really like to ASS people. And I was the one of them.
As the result my reputation was decrease by 5. 
It not happen once but twice. So,
I just report what happen to me to Dueling Network's report basement.
That's a good way when you had been ass'ed by opponent.
Only that.

p/s: Hope you all will understand I want to said.

Prove: I had been ASS when my opponent neg the summon of Sin Cyber-End Dragon

15 August 2011

So, I already dead?

In one of parade, there will be something that will change the world. *too much watch weird film.

Emcee : Now, is the time for silver speech by our editor, Kidichi

Me: Ok, thanks to everyone who always support me. I don't know do you really support me or not. Never mind, as I dead now. I'll return back to this blog. And someone, tell me what should I post inside this blog?