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18 February 2010

anime in Drop

-Based the kidichi's watch list in this season
After a month I reduce my recently watch anime to 4 from 6
Drop List:

- so-ra-no-wo-to
This anime, I not see the best of this anime yeah, just watch episode 1 and drop it, this anime about trumpet? yeah, that why I drop it, even there are so many moe there but nevermind, just reduce it to download other anime

- Ladies vs. Butler!
After all this anime is good and in my taste but wait, I saw ecchi-ness in this anime, gah! this is to much especially with tits and whatever

just that all thanx

After the Test and now

gah! the test end, so the life going as well as much, but after the this I had 2 new games
Yu-Gi-Oh! and Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, I think I just newbie in Ace Attorney's game, lol
I had fun in this 2 games and in English? yeah!

what time for now? Be the Detective or Duelist! yeah, I had 2D now

05 February 2010

Month of Lazy-ness *together with test

currently lazy and lazy and more lazy then usually, already in form 4 and need focusing to the studying even anime still not stop to watch. After 2 month, I need to face a test? with 11 subjects, yare2 to much in this year
should drop one or more after this year

the test will be on 16 Feb and the new game will shown itself, [Yu-Gi-Oh! retarded nee], and new game and test, give me more spirit to do this test, hope me get the supreme luck in this test and SPM too

even anime should study too, so why not me?