20 January 2010

kidichi's watch list in this season

[credit image from Shinwa (Gaia 3.1)]

this year and this season, so many anime that I watch, as well with broken line that make me only download the good anime with moe [or traps?]

- Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
I watch this anime after minatsu in seitokai no ichizon said about this anime/novel, afterall we can watch humor, harem, and moe in one anime, also, a trap always make me mess, I almost love he [Hideyoshi], dyem
also, this anime is from RPG production too, that why this anime is to good

- so-ra-no-wo-to
I lol'ed hard when watch this anime not about the humor but one thing, the characters design, I saw Mio in Rio and all other characters, even this anime about Trumpet, maybe we will see the trumpet's name like Guitah, btw, K-On! OVA is out, the age is same as like K-On! characters

- Ladies vs. Butler!
ok, this anime is not so good design, the anime is full with fanservice that many ppl like, even sometimes I regret why I watch this anime but it still good as for harem and yandere[?] maybe we will see other yandere after 11eyes's failed yandere

- Omamori Himari 
as the cat and ecchi is good! and moe too, even the manga design and anime design is different but still same, it harem too! and the main character is allergic with cat too. Just like other cat-anime-story-like, Nyan Koi!
also, the main character design is make me sometimes think, why this is so diferent with manga. 

- Letter Bee
Jun Fukuyama and Nana Mizuki is one anime and as sibling, I like their voice! Jun is Lelouch-voice make win also with Nana-chan too. Nana-chan character is moe, other moe that will dominate moe's world! btw, I tot' this anime just only base on letter-sender a.k.a postmen but still with magical thing! I like this anime, even Jun and Nana is just side characters but still I love Nana-chan voice