20 February 2012

Facebook Viruses

Another random talk from kidichi

As we know, FaceBook is really good but always cause problem to use too. Why? They can sent spam, virus, rumour like abc. Too easy right? The most of viruses come from video. Porn video easy one. Many people (including me) are like to click something that kind interesting. The result is your wall timeline will be attacked by virus. Video actually.  My twitter too also get virus but not video, it's about ads.

How to solve it? This is too tough. Even I also get it too.

1- Use long password- This is really good one. But the percentage of being hacked is still same. But it'll slow down the hacker(s). And when change your password, make sure you change at other PC. I think if you change at other PC, the virus attack will decrease.

2- Don't click any weird video or link - Easy said right?

3- If you get the virus, don't worry. Ask from others, maybe they can help you.

Sorry for short entry. I always post short entry