06 February 2012

Disappearing of Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku or just can I called her as Miku's video is disappearing. It's seem all video [not all] in youtube is disappear. Why? 

That's same as my video. Most of my video is deleted because I using music that already copyrighted. Yeah, that's wrong actually. /lol

Miku is really famous. You can see her famous in Singer You'd Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies. She beat all K-Pop group like Super Junior and others. Actually this is really good news for Miku's fans. 

After that poll, Miku's video is deleted from youtube. The user(s) report that video was copyrighted. As you know, Crypton Future Media already knew this news. They don't involve in this case. The main reason they create Miku and other vocaloids are too people make own music. 

The Facebook. All user said, K-Pop fags cause this problem. Kamon people. Why so being shallow-minded. Maybe some of random people do it. Don't think K-pop fags cause all Miku's video are deleted. 
I'm at K-Pop side and Miku's side. 

Even some of K-Pop lovers love Miku too. Most of people (mostly here) when you like Korean songs, you will never like Japanese songs. How about we support local songs? 

About Miku's video, if your video is deleted. Counter it. How? Just go here 

p/s : Kidichi is one of Miku fans.