04 February 2012

Hare. Forever you'll be in fans heart

Guilty Crown episode 15 is really something. As you know, Shuu already lost his sister, Gai and now Hare. 

Hare is really caring girl in Guilty Crown. If I not mistaken, she is only female character that have that attitude. Mostly in anime, if some girl like main character, she will be like tsundere. But not Hare. She is really care about Shuu. 

After Yahiro introduced Void Ranking System, Shuu still do not decide that he should use them or not. Then Souta, [really idiot person in this anime] ask to Shuu that they want to train to increase their power. Shuu agreed but these foolish make wrong mistake. They went to hospital to get vaccine. The truth is they want to prove to other rank, that Rank F can be used. /tch

Even Shuu tell them to go back but this foolish disagree. Anti-Bodies attack them cause many students Rank F to die. Souta forced Hare to repair car and so they can escape. The Anti-Bodies saw and shot Hare. Shuu save her. But Shuu is hurt. Then Hare cure Shuu while she still in pain. As the result, she died.

Shuu snapped, and become Dark King. Actually in this problem I saw 3 roots of problem:
1- Shuu : He not decide that he should use Void Ranking System or not. As a leader, he should against them or follow.
2- Souta : Watch the episode and you'll understand
3- Yahiro : Since he introduced Void Ranking System. 

Dark King Shuu

p/s : Dark King Shuu, is another anti-hero character. Rare to see anti-hero character. The most notable anti-hero character is Lelouch from Code Geass.