23 February 2012

Music : Mix Speaker's,Inc - Shining Tale

Tadakuni's Imouto, Mei as Cover CD

The new anime, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou giving surprise to us. The anime get many fans. I'm one of them. Base one this previous entry I'm waiting the full version. The opening theme. And today I get it. Download actually. I'm not so rich. T_T

Beside the full version release, the PV also release too. I almost forget Mix Speaker's, Inc. is visual kei band. So, they will give us weird PV. Yeah, they give us a weird PV. 

Not weird actually. Since the title give us the hint. Tale, and shining. So, pirate is really suitable. Pirates always get tale from other to get a treasure (shining). By the way, that's just my prediction. I still don't read the translated lyric so cannot comment to much.

Beside Shining Tale, the single give us another song too. It's Capsule. The insert song for Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou too. The insert song can be found in episode 3. During summer time. 

I just give the full one. The lyric (base on episode 3) is really something. It's (maybe) for friend or someone that close to you.

Overall, I totally like this single.
So, I just give download link. Feel free to download it