10 February 2012

SNSD : Sooyoung Birthday

After this post, I want to post more about SNSD's members birthday. Today is Sooyoung's birthday. 

I kind late to submit this entry. Too much work that I create by myself. Now Sooyoung already 22 years old. 
The SooYoung's fans are called as Sooyoungster. Actually nine of them have own fans name. 

For your information, SooYoung is my first SNSD's member that I like. I watch Run Devil Run and saw her with short hair. It's seem that's kind suitable for her. Also, she is the tallest in Girls' Generation although she is a maknae. Btw, she;s the third maknae.

In Run Devil Run

Anyways Happy Birthday Sooyoung~! Get more taller and more eat!