09 February 2012

Anime : Opening

Since I'm too boring now. How about I post about opening. Anime opening. 
CAUTION : Mostly youtube video and I just post what I want.

Anime : Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Kidichi's talk : I like this opening so much. The reason is the singer is Mix Speaker, inc which are Visual Kei band. Please google visual kei for more information. The lyric is so match with nichijou or in English, normal life. But the full version will release the end of February. It's good song so, will take more time. That's always happen to me.

Anime : Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!

Kidichi's talk : Happy Happy Girl. This song is really something. My brain do like this song too much. Although no rock or visual kei but this song kind so happy. Maybe too much loli in this anime. Btw, it's began with fanservice which are 3 loli are sleeping. Then wake up. /lol

Anime : Brave 10

Kidichi's talk : This song is so manly! His voice is really something. I kind like this song. Too much epic battle inside this opening. The full version will release end of month too. =_= 

Anime : Rinne no Lagrange

Kidichi's talk : Somehow this song is really unique. They using instrumental that I can't guess. After all, I already drop this anime after Madoka's attitude is really annoyed me. But after watch the same episode, I re-think about it. So, maru~ Ah, the full already release

Anime : Amagami SS +

Kidich's talk : This is opening for Amagami SS+. This song kind sweet. It's not harem anime. But how you want to with your favourite girl in school. The most important part in this opening that cause people to Check my soul~ part. For your information, the singer, Azusa always have sweet song like this and the tittle for this opening is Check My Soul. This song already release the full version. 

Anime : High School DxD

Kidichi's talk : This opening can cause you to lose many blood. It;s have many fanservice. So, never give under 18 to watch it. /lol The song is really very interesting. The song. SONG. The anime is about demon so everytimes the anime is about demon or darkness, the song must attract the watcher. So, High School DxD is demon anime so must have interesting song. 

Anime : Senki Zenshou Symphogear

Kidichi's talk : The singer is Nana Mizuki. lol. This anime is related to song so much have great opening right? Can't think more. The anime is more get interest. Although the main character have own problem. And did I saw some (future) yuri scene? lol The lyric of this opening is really strong. Good for think about it. 

Anime : Black Rock Shooter

Kidichi's talk : The singer is Miku. Hatsune Miku is vocaloid. This anime is from her song, Black Rock Shooter. Many people want to watch this anime. I still don't have any chance to watch it even I finished download it. The song is still same with the original.