18 February 2012

Working to new style

[CAUTION]This is not related with anime, manga, games or etc.[/CAUTION]

Since too much times that I get, I was trying to use new style. New stroke actually. So, before that, I need to see my old stroke. The news one la.

This is my old stroke

Actually my drawing was consist of 2 elements which are simple and laziness. Most of times (point the face) the draw is very cheap. Then after my friend advice to use other stroke, I turn to use other stroke.

Upgrade eyes parts

Since I draw too much simple eyes, I upgrade drawing eyes. And so I;ll stick to new stroke of eyes. But still not good. I try and try more. 

New Stroke

Then I try to use more new stroke. I change the nose part. Although I already change nose and eyes. The hair is still stiff. I need to practice more.

Actually what I want to tell is don;t afraid to change to the new one. Take a challenge and keep working. keke