03 February 2012

Manga : Bleach will enter final arc

Bleach (manga) is one of three manga that have many fans. Other two manga is One Piece and Naruto. 

Bleach already present in the world since August 2001. After 11 years, Kubo Tite announce that Bleach will end. Not so surprise since every manga must end. Although some manga have weird, confusing ending but still they need to be ended. 

As you know, I'm one of Bleach reader. Although I'm reader but I not read is so much. Why? Sometimes I don't feeling well and not read a manga for a week. The reason I read the manga is to find Rukia. That's moment I already fallen to Rukia. Then to other character(s).

Bleach is really attract me since it's involved about Shinigami or rather know as Soul Reaper in English. It's rare for me to read manga about supernatural since I don't like it before. But Bleach force me to read more about it. Eventually I like to read and watch supernatural anime. 

Beside that, the anime too.. keke.. The opening and OST is too supreme. 

One of openings

And as I always hear music especially from anime, Bleach opening never fail from my ears. So, I will just wait new arc and the final arc. /hahaha

Give some present to reader(s)

Thanx to read

p/s : I wonder when and how Detective Conan will end?