31 January 2012

Guilty Crown Episode 13 & 14

New brand opening. But I watch it today. I have my own reason why I not watch this episode earlier. After Gai's death, Funeral Parlor's members were separated. 

So, some of them be student in school. School, the same school with Shuu and others. Ayase and Tsugumi is hiding in the school. Maybe Ayase need time to forget about Gai. Yeah, as you know she very love with Gai. And regret that she cannot save Gai.

Most of in this episode is about Ayase. And as we always watch in anime, the event that must happen which is culture event. They do so. That's long times they never do that such event. 

Tsugumi~ /hanaji

As we know this is not slice life anime. So must have some chaos during event. The terrorists come attack and kill others. Since Shuu already upgrade his power. That's mean the Void owner will not faint when Shuu pull their Void. 

They kind want to show us about this


Another episode, episode 14. I'm marathon-ing anime today. lol. 

In this episode, we will see about Tsugumi's void. Arisa who is president is being insulate again. The students want to escape from Loop 7. Anti-bodies told that they will eliminate resident in Loop 7. All of them are said have cancer so they'll be separated from outside and kill them. The internet connection in Loop 7 is already ok. 

So, Scarface know there is Funeral Parlor's member among resident Loop 7. So, he using that facts to get Funeral Parlor's member and kill them. As student want to escape from the hell -I rather using word hell now- 
they being crazy to escape. Seriously, this is really same with nowadays people who like to believe rumour. 

And remember terrorist? They have device that can detect Void's power. It's same with Dragon Ball's device. lol

I want this device

Back to students again. Since they very curious with Ayase, they think Ayase is Funeral Parlor's member. They are correct. And Tsugumi come to save the day. But she get caught too.

Don't hurt my Tsugumi

So, they bring both girls to stage and show to other that they are Funeral Parlor's members. But Shuu help them. This time Shuu show his manly side. Since he already clear the problem. The students agree that Shuu should be their leader. And again Yahiro show his side that cause I very hate with him.

Yahiro make Void ranking. Most of Shuu friends is at the bottom.