27 January 2012

Jaiko in 28 years old

Jaiko in 28 years old

Jaiko who is Gian's younger sister. Duh, remember Doraemon? Remember her. lol

As you know there are live-action Doraemon. You can find it at youtube. Too much japanese actress that catch my eyes. Most of females is too overlord beautiful. Owait, in Doraemon we just have 2 girls characters, Jaiko and Shizuka. Most watcher will prefer Shizuka than Jaiko. Ok I know, Shizuka is cute. /lol

And this new ads from Toyota Motor Corporation which is the fourth one give you new face of Jaiko. And all the scenario is happen after 2 decades. 

I think Jaiko (28) is more beautiful than Shizuka. Atsuko Maeda was played as Jaiko. She;s from AKB48. AKB48 eh. /hanaji

Full view of CM 

p/s: maybe I should back to watch AKB48 group again. 

Giving her smile to the readers.