17 January 2012

Anime : Inu x Boku SS -First Review-

Inu x Boku SS / 妖狐×僕SS

Episode : 1

Synopsis from MAL 

The Shirakiin house's daughter, Shirakiin Riricho, who has a complex about being unable to live independently and unprotected, feels the need to move out and live on her own under the condition of residing in the mansion named "Ayakashi Kan." In this mansion, only those who have cleared a very strict examination could reside in it, and for each resident, they are accompanied with one agent of the Secret Service (S.S.). Although Riricho has rejected the company of the S.S., while residing in the mansion she finds out that the agent dedicated to protecting her is actually the Fox Spirit whom she previously rescued.

I want to watch this anime not because the story. Actually I never read synopsis when I hear about new anime. I just download and watch. This anime is suitable for all ages. That's based on my mind

This anime is about butler. It's same with Kuroshitsuji. So, let's go journey through my writing

This anime began with Ririchiyo, who came from famous family, Shirakiin. It's appear everywhere she go, the rumour will spread. Most of people hate with her. The reason the people hate her is she is a boring person and come from rich family.

Ririchiyo Shirakiin

She is cute right? take her to home But, she have a bad habit. The bad habit that her cannot control it. It's seem she like to be an arrogant. Most of times she was called as tsunshun instead of tsundere because she gets depressed (shun) instead of getting modest (dere) after behaving in a conceited manner. 

Although she does not want it but she like to be alone. And wait, I saw no any fanservice. Scroll down

No pantsu shot

Being a small girl and want to lift up heavy box is not easy. That moment her secret service come. 

Soushi Miketsukami

Ah, he have different colour of eyes. I'm sure I watching supernatural anime. He blindly obeys her like a "dog" and always tries to protect her above his own life. 

The important part is all the people in that hotel is not a human. They are mixed. Youkai and human. 

Their tagline is best security. But there are moment two burglars come to hotel. And their first victim is Riricho. Riricho is alone in bathroom. So, one of burglars target her as victim. But, 

her eyes is glowing. Now I get! This anime is really not so normal! I'm late again.
As the moment the burglar want to shot her, Shoushi come to rescue. He show his true face. 

Shoushi true identity

He is a nine tailed spirit fox. The other burglar try to steal from other room. But the secret service was protecting their master and show their true identity. Their true identity is youkai. 

Nobara Yukinokouji as Yuki-onna (snow girl)