29 January 2012

Goodbye youtube.

My youtube account. Old one

Goodbye youtube. I mean not youtube website and it's not involve SOPA and etc

I mean my account. As you know, I'm a duelist who like to record the duel right? So, what I do for get more view? I just use song. And most of songs come from anime which is copyrighted. Most of them come from sony. 

So since I get 3 times warning, they will terminate my account. And yea, they terminate it. It's my fault. I suppose not to use copyrighted song. =_=

All the duels already gone in account, I'll never watch it again. 3 years with me now you can rest.

And let's forget about that old account. I moved to new account, KayKidichi. lol. And I just get 3 subscribes. with 50 video views. I hope they not count the video that I replay. 

I just upload 2 videos and all the video is about yugioh. I wonder if I can make an AMV [Anime Music Video].