08 January 2012

Mizuki Nana - Synchrogazer

The new single from Nana Mizuki. Seriously, I always wait the new single or album. So, this year, I'll get it. Unfortunely, I just downloading, since I don't have much money to buy it. Btw, have time to listen the song. Actually I was stole from youtube. The PV is not really good.

Nana Mizuki's blue eyes is too much. It's attract me to listen the song. For your information, this song is also the opening of new running anime, Senki Zesshou Symphogear. And also, the tittle is SYNCHROgazer. keke. My blog name. /shootbyfans

Although the PV already leaked but the single is still not release. The single will release at 11 January 2012. It's long times for me wait it. For me only maybe.

Here's single cover.
Nana is watching me. /hanaji