14 January 2012

Anime: Guilty Crown -episode 12-

Guilty Crown / ギルティクラウン
Episode : 12

After 2 weeks without Inori, I felt so bored. Although there are many new anime that I watch and like but Guilty Crown is still above them. I just marathon this anime. The opening is still same, "My Dearest" by supercell and the ending is same which iDepartures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~ (Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~)" by EGOIST.

For this episode, we will know the history of Gai. Who is Gai. Actually, I don;t have any idea who is Gai actually. If you watch episode before 12, you will see the memory of Shuu. It's seem like Shuu have amnesia but not. Gai is a boy who Shuu and his sister, Mana saved. I don;t know what happen to Gai before he met Shuu and Mana.

Gai or known as Triton

Mana try to save Gai and she did it. As Gai does not his name, Mana give Triton as his name. I will use Triton name instead using Gai name. Since both of them are same

Triton (Gai), Mana and Shuu in one family

It's seem obviously Triton is fallen with Mana. But for your information, Triton the only one who know that Mana have a cancer. She is the first person who get the cancer. As we back to present, the scientist told that she is Eve. In order to create new gene of human, the scientist want to revive Mana.
And this episode we know that Inori is made to wait revival of Mana. That's why Inori have many problem. As you can see, she is lack with emotion. Oh maybe.

So, the Lost Christmas were involve Mana, Shuu and Triton. Triton want to meet Shuu in church but Mana come and give a gun. 

Creepy Mana face <3

Mana face~ Although it's creepy but I like her. It's seem she is kind yandere. That's what I think when watch this episode. Since Mana have crystal [Crystal mean you get a cancer] at her ear, she propose Shuu before Lost Christmas. 

So, Lost Christmas occur because Shuu called her sister, Mana, monster. Seriously, we get a disease that we don't want and called a monster. Then what are you feel? Sad? Angry right?

Mana scream and cause the Lost Christmas. Shuu is too afraid. He is still young boy and to protect himself, he forgetting all what happen. He forget all about Triton/Gai , Mana, Lost Christmas.

Another thing that cause me to be sad today is Gai's death. Gai is kind a main character in this anime. Without him, Shuu will never join Funeral Parlor . Ah, Gai remind about Kamina. Protecting main character with sacrifice yourself. This is really sad episode. /crying atm

Goodbye Gai

p/s : Actually this anime is still not finish. Maybe it will lead to new season. Then what will happen in next episode? Just wait next week~